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10 Dec

It may sound like a contradiction to enjoy a treat and to be healthy at the same time but it is possible. You have to be a bit creative with your food but a healthy lifestyle or, at least, healthy treats can be achieved.

One of the best ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables is in a juice or a smoothie. Making your own juices and smoothies is a great way to enjoy your five-a-day fruits and vegetables on your own terms. Because you are making it you can choose what goes into it.

Firstly, you need to invest in a good quality blender; one that can blend a number of hard and soft fruits. The Hamilton Beach Bar Blender is a good option because it is so tough that it can crush ice. This is what you want if you are going to make smoothies very often.

Next, decide on what fruit you want to include in the smoothie. Then make a trip to the supermarket and get a variety of seasonal fruits. During the summer months you will have a plethora of options so you could make a number of different types of smoothies.

For a berry smoothie select blueberries and strawberries. For more texture you can add a cup of yoghurt. Choose a strawberry flavour to complement the berry fruit. That's all you need. If you want to add another nutritional element you can toss in a banana too. Then blend it until it is a smooth texture with no chunky bits.

You can also blend apples, pears, grapes and a banana for a sweet and tasty treat. Add a bit of lemon juice as a natural preservative along with a just a half cup of water to give the drink a more liquid consistency.

How about a peachy option? Try to use different types of peaches in this mixture and add in a peach flavoured yoghurt for a bit of sweetness. Peaches are filled with their own juices so you might not need to add water. Then mix it all in the blending catering equipment.

Enjoy this summer with delicious and nutritious smoothies.

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