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10 Dec

The Staycold HD430 Counter Top Cooler is a versatile beverage cooler and it is great for promotional use at events. It is a small enough piece of catering equipment that makes it easy for transporting to various events and it is easy to set up at the venue.

The HD430 Counter Top Cooler has been manufactured with eco-friendly functionality. It saves energy and reduces lifetime costs. The LED interior lighting offers a longer lifespan and it reduces the heat in the cabinet therefore the refrigeration unit does not have to work as hard. It has high insulation in the form of cyclopentane foam to keep the cold air inside the unit. In addition, it is made with a skin condenser which means that the heat is dissipated through the outside walls. Consequently, the walls must not be covered by anything thicker than a decal sticker. 

This catering equipment is great for promotional purposes at events. If you want to advertise your brand such as your event or catering company, you could have decals printed with your logo and other information then place it on the sides of the unit. In this way people approaching your stand will notice your logo and advertising. You can also promote the drinks that you're selling with this cooler as it has a clear glass door display which allows customers to see the full drinks offering. This is great for events because customers can view the contents without having to open the fridge door every time or having to tell them what there is available. With all the drinks displayed in their colourful and noticeable packaging it makes it easy for the customer to choose what they want.

This unit may be compact at 645 x 430 x 480 millimetres in size but it can hold quite a number of drinks. In terms of capacity it can store 40 - 330ml beer bottles, 65 - 440ml beer cans, 80 -330ml soft drink cans, 96 - 250ml energy drink cans, 120 - 200ml mixer cans, 40 - 500ml PET water bottles, or 380ml energy drink PET bottles. That's a lot of drinks for one counter top beverage cooler.

The Staycold HD430 Counter Top Cooler is the ideal unit for promotional use at events because of its compact travel friendly size and its branding ability.

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