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08 Apr

Caterers are amazing because they can prepare meals for hundreds of people in one evening. Cooking for so many people can be quite a big task to tackle. It is a good idea to make each part of the cooking process as easy as possible without compromising the quality of the meals. Here is a list of the most useful catering equipment for processing.

  • Food Processor. This is the most popular processing equipment because it allows you to perform multiple tasks with one product. With a Food Processor you can cut, slice, grate, or julienne vegetables. We all know how much time cutting and slicing can take especially if you have to go through an entire bag of vegetables.
  • Blixer. A Blixer combines a blender and a mixer in one machine. With this catering equipment you can blend raw ingredients like vegetables or fruit to make smooth mixtures.
  • Bowl Cutter. A Bowl Cutter enables you to process a wide range of food. It can mix, grind, chop, knead, and puree food with the ease of a button. It is consistent every time and processes foods within a few minutes.
  • Chippers. If you have chips on your catering menu then it is advisable to have a chipper. It can take you hours to manually cut potatoes into strips of chips. The Chipper cuts a potato into chips with one swift swoop, so you can save a lot of time with this product.
  • Potato Peeler. Before you cut the potatoes it needs to be peeled and this is not a fun task. Luckily, a Potato Peeler can be a big help in the kitchen. Toss a bag of potatoes into the drum and see how fast it goes to work peeling all of those potatoes in minutes.
  • Dough Mixer. For caterers that have pizza items or pastry desserts on their menu, the Dough Mixer is a saviour. Mixing dough manually is time consuming so having a machine to do it for you is wonderful because it allows you to tend to other baking tasks.
  • Liquidiser. This is a handy catering equipment for the quick liquidising of vegetables. This is especially useful for the blending of soups and sauces. Plus, it could also be used to make your own mayonnaise, salad dressing or juice.
  • Mixer. A Mixer makes all those baking and cooking tasks that require mixing ingredients together so much easier. It allows you to whisk eggs or cream, mix dough and beat ingredients together. It takes all the manual effort out of your hands.
  • Vegetable Cutter. A vegetable cutter is great for those bulk vegetable cutting tasks. It can cut, slice, grate, julienne, chipper and cube vegetables easily.

Caterers need all the help they can get because preparing food for hundreds of people involves hours of preparation and a lot of labour. Food processing catering equipment can take the hard work and the many long hours out of the food preparation process thus making the tasks much easier and quicker for caterers.

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