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Keeping Up With Electricity Load Shedding
08 Apr

These days the electricity supply is so unpredictable that it is able to cause havoc in any business. The restaurant industry also feels the impact of electricity load shedding because a lot of kitchen appliances require electricity.

For your restaurant to succeed or at least to survive load shedding you need to have a plan of action. It is imperative that you prepare the restaurant and the staff so that everyone knows what is expected of them when the electricity shuts down. Come up with a game plan and share it with your staff.

Find out what the load shedding schedule is in your area. If you know what time and for how long the electricity will be off then you can prepare the kitchen beforehand. It may be a good idea to get catering equipment that will take care of the processing of the foods beforehand. For example, a vegetable cutter will make light work of cutting up the vegetables in the morning, so it will be ready throughout the day when a particular meal is ordered. Another food processing equipment that is quite handy is the potato peeler. This machine will bulk peel bags of potatoes quickly so that it's ready for chopping or cooking. If you can save time on these food preparation tasks early in the day then you can spend time on other tasks in the kitchen.

It is also worth investing in a gas stove and oven. When you've prepared all the foods beforehand and only require cooking it when the electricity goes off then a gas stove will come in handy. So if the electricity shuts down while the restaurant is still open then the chefs can still prepare the food for the customers. Having the right catering equipment in place for moments like this will impress your customers because they know they can come to you even if there's load shedding. This is a great advantage to your restaurant because the customer is not able to cook their own food at home when the electricity is out so they will think of your restaurant first for a good meal.

You will also need to manage how you're going to accept payments when the electricity is off. Consider a means of payment that is battery operated or a cellphone app payment method. You may also want to consider a back up generator to kick in when the power is out. With a generator your business resumes as normal with only a minor interruption between the electricity outage and the generator kicking in. Again, this will impress your customers and they will carry on with the merry meal in your restaurant. They may just be amused by the temporary lights out situation but will be happy when the business goes on as usual.

Being well prepared in any eventuality is important for any business. A restaurant is no different. If you're not ready for load shedding it can have a dramatic influence on your sales. Make sure that you take the necessary steps to fail safe your restaurant against load shedding. Continue trading in spite of this unstoppable obstacle.

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