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Sunday Lunch is a Big Deal For a Lot of People
08 Apr

Sunday's for many people is spent with family. Starting off with a visit to the church and then followed by a big family lunch at home. This is a ritual that many people enjoy because it brings their family together for much needed quality time. They can chat and catch up on the events of the week while enjoying time together.

A lot of mothers take the task of cooking for their family on Sundays onto themselves but this can be a tiring task. They have to get ready for church and prepare a meal to be ready for lunch. This is where restaurants can lend a hand. Gear your restaurant to take this task out of the hands of mothers by offering various specials on lunch meals.

The Sunday lunch buffet is a good idea because it allows each family member to pay one amount yet they can select from a variety of foods to satisfy their hunger and cravings. Usually a Sunday lunch meal is dish that includes rice, potatoes, vegetables, and a curry or stew. This is what a lot of people look forward to. So the buffet should include these favourite foods.

Another special offer that could be a good idea is that of a three course meal. Set a menu that is specifically prepared for a Sunday lunch that incorporates those traditional dishes that people love. A dessert is always well received after a delicious lunch meal. It rounds off the meal nicely. The three course meal could include a soup or fish starter, curry and rice with vegetables main meal along with a side salad, and an ice cream, brownie or fruit salad dessert.

Your restaurant could offer discounted meals that only apply to Sunday lunch meals. Because it is usually a whole family that will come together a discount could be well received because it would be quite a big table to serve. And while people know it could cost a bit they do want to save as much as possible.

A free dessert with a Sunday meal is also an attractive offer for families. After enjoying the meal prepared at your restaurant, the free dessert will be much enjoyed. It will also draw the family back the following week because who doesn't want free dessert?

Allocate a space that can accommodate a play area for the children. While enjoying lunch parents want their children to have fun too, and be safe. It is also a good way for the children to get rid of their energy before they go home.

A restaurant that wants to attract more customers should have a strategy for Sunday lunch. Gear your kitchen to cater to the bigger family groups that could come to your restaurant. Make sure that there's enough catering equipment and also the right processing equipment to make the food preparation a quick one. Big families will be willing to wait but they won't wait forever. If you can't deliver within a timely manner, they will simply find another place to go to.

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