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How The Kitchenaid Planetary Mixer Can Make Baking Easier
13 May

 Desserts, tarts, and cakes are enjoyed by many people and everyone has their favourite. Baking these delectable treats can be fun for many bakers but it can also be a lot of work if you don't have the right catering equipment to assist you. The KitchenAid Planetary Mixer can make baking easier and here is how it can help you in the kitchen.

It is a reliable mixer that has a potent 500 watt motor. The motor is highly efficient and it has a direct drive which is both quiet and powerful. The original planetary action is fast and due to the power it possesses it can mix a batter fast and thoroughly. This is what you would want as a baker so that the preparation side of baking can be completed within a quicker period.

 The unit itself is hard wearing with a full metal body construction and high precision metal gears along with metal control knobs. This sturdy construction makes the KitchenAid Planetary Mixer stable during mixing as well as quiet and durable. This is a great combination of features for the busy bakery kitchen. Keeping noise levels down in a commercial environment is sometimes impossible, so a quite piece of catering equipment can really make a difference in a baker's kitchen.

This mixer is suitable for regular use so you can bake all you want. In addition, the smooth rounded bowl-lift has a professional design that is ideal for heavy loads and heavy duty use. Plus it is conveniently easy to clean. The all stainless steel standard accessories are robust, durable and dishwasher safe. All of these durable parts of the mixer add to making the task of baking as well as the cleaning up process afterwards much easier.

 The KitchenAid Planetary Mixer's stainless steel bowl is rather big so it is able to handle very large quantities of food or batter mixtures. The single attachment hub makes it easy to use and there are a wide variety of optional accessories to assist you with different baking tasks from mixing cake batters to whipping cream. The different accessories are designed specifically for certain types of mixtures so that it can complete the task quicker as well as give consistent results.

It also takes safety into account with a couple of safety measures. This is important if you bake often. It has a wire guard for protection against the mixing blades and it has a stop switch that can activate when necessary. These are good safety measures to have in the commercial kitchen.

The KitchenAid Planetary Mixer is a baker's best friend because you can mix a variety of different mixtures. It is reliable and durable with its sturdy construction. It gives consistent results because you don't have to rely on manual mixing. This catering equipment 's many features makes many baking tasks so much easier that you will want to and you will enjoy baking. You may even be inspired to make beautiful and creative baked creations that will impress everyone you know.

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