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Make Time For The Movies With a Bucket of Popcorn
13 May

When weekends or public holidays make their appearance people usually look for something to do and going to the cinema to watch a movie is a fun activity. Everyone has the favourite movie genre that they enjoy, whether it's horror that makes you jump out of your seat, action that makes your blood pump or comedy that makes you jiggle with laughter. But what is a movie without a giant bucket of popcorn and a huge cup of cool drink. Who wants a small popcorn? Those days are gone because now people want a super large bucket. 

 Cinemas have the important task to make the movie goers experience a great visit to the movies so they need to ensure that the best popcorn, snacks and all the favourite cool drinks are available. To assist cinemas with making perfectly popped popcorn, Anvil has manufactured Popcorn Machines that can deliver on this. The large Anvil Popcorn Machines are made for regular use so they are durable and reliable to pop kernels all day and evening. They are able to pop kernels consistently and perfectly all the time. It's like clockwork.

Long queues are no longer a problem for the Anvil Popcorn Machines because it is fast in popping kernels and it also has mechanisms that make it easy to load and remove the popcorn. This catering equipment has a gas strut assisted hinge mechanism which is there for the easy loading of the kernels. Then once the popcorn is popped and ready to serve, it has a specially designed chute for the fast and easy serving of the popcorn. In addition, it has a large capacity kettle for the heating process to take place very quickly.

 It's also a good idea for the cinema to have a wide selection of cool drinks available so a bar fridge or beverage cooler is a good addition too. Make sure that the customers can see the cool drinks so that they can make up their minds much faster by the time they get to the end of the queue.

Making popcorn the traditional way can be rather cumbersome and can take a bit of time. The Anvil Popcorn Machines makes the process of popping popcorn a much easier and quicker task so that movie goers can focus on what's important and that is getting ready for the movie. After all, you spend a lot of time at work and at the end of the week you just want to unwind and enjoy a good and fun filled movie with a huge bucket of popcorn and a cool drink.

Movie goers will be very impressed with the speed at which their popcorn is ready. This will make the experience of going to the movies a fun one and they will want to frequent the cinema because of the good service, giant popcorn, cold drinks and fun filled movies. So cinemas should focus on delivering an all-round good service so that movie goers will leave with a joyful experience every time.

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