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Enjoy Your Drink With Different Types of Ice
20 May

 We live in a time where you can get so many different types of drinks and you can enjoy yourself no matter where you are. With the variety of drinks available at bars and restaurants, there are also different types of ice that can be had with these various drinks.

Gourmet cubes. These are neatly created and rather big cubes that are generated with the Scotsman Ice Machines and they are made within a few minutes. The cubes are made exactly the same size every time and they have a clear and crystal-like appearance. They are very beautiful cubes. These types of gourmet ice cubes are great for drinks that can be had 'on the rocks'. So it complements drinks such as whiskey, brandy or vodka. It is also added to sodas for those who enjoy a cool drink on any given day.

 Dice cube. This type of cube is smaller than the gourmet cubes, which are much larger. The dice cube is a neat little cube that can be added to cocktails or cool drinks. You can add a lot of them to a glass to chill the drink. You can also make many fun drinks with dice cubes.

Ice flakes. There a certain machines that can create these frozen flakes rather quickly. The Scotsman Ice Flakers are able to do this. They make the frozen ice in the machine in the form of flakes. This unit forms small flakes that are ejected from the machine. The frozen flakes have a very satisfying appearance and texture that are used often in certain cocktails. It can also be added to novelty drinks if you choose to create your blend.

 Crushed ice. Scotsman has a variety of machines that can make crushed ice within a few minutes. Previously, people would make the ice first and then use a crusher so this was quite a lengthy process. However, technology advancements have made this process much simpler. Restaurants benefit greatly from this advancement in ice machines because it speeds up their service. Crushed ice is used for a variety of different cocktails. Furthermore, it is also used to make slush puppies. Just add a flavoured syrup to create this fun drink that is enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike.

Gone are the days when people used to make frozen cubes by pouring water into little fridge cube trays and then wait for hours for it to freeze. And gone are the days when people used to manually crush ice to get it to the desired texture for their drink. Now there are ice machines that can make it the way you want it, whether that is gourmet cubes, flakes or crushed ice. It is wonderful to know that this long process has been shortened to a mere few minutes. That is good news for restaurants and bars that have to serve a lot of customers within a short space of time every day. So go ahead and have fun with the different types of ice you can make. Enjoy your drinks wherever you are.

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