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Use a Convection Oven For Baking Bread Products
09 Jul

Freshly baked bread has one of the most delightful aromas in the world. There is just something about the aroma that makes you feel warm inside. Plus it gives you a craving for that soft textured roll that will just lift your mood. 

Bread and rolls are enjoyed in so many ways. During the colder months it is most enjoyed with soups or with a stew. Some people even enjoy it with a spread of butter when it is still warm. People are going out of their way to get delicious soft bread to make tasty sandwiches and to have it with soup. As a chef, you want your customers to enjoy the food that you make. So you must have an edge over other chefs, especially if you want to have the best baked bread products around. If you want to bake delightful rolls then you will enjoy the functionality of the Anvil Grande Forni Mechanical Convection Oven. This convection oven is manufactured with a mechanism that adds humidity. It is the steam injection that is used for the manual humidity control which allows for the browning of the pastry and bread products. Imagine rolls that are perfectly soft on the inside and delightfully browned on the outside. Or a pie that is crispy and glistening brown. You can probably virtually taste it too. 

 The Anvil Grande Forni Mechanical Convection Oven is able to bake so well because it has industrial duty fans with a reversing gear. This gives the catering equipment a means of moving the humidity around within the unit to allow for even distribution. This convection oven measures 835 x 759 x 590 millimetres in size which is rather a good size and large enough for the commercial kitchen. Due to its size it is able to accommodate 600 x 400 millimetre baking trays and GN1/1 pans. You can place the rolls onto two rows of chrome grids which are included in this catering equipment.

During the colder months as a chef you could bake dozens of soft rolls on a daily basis. You could also bake a variety of pies such as pepper steak, steak and kidney, chicken and mushroom, and other loved flavours. And you know that with the humidity function it will give the pies a satisfying brown glow that will make customers' mouths water. With this convection oven you can bake consistently every day. This is what customers will appreciate. And that you offer the same consistent soft delicious and perfectly browned bread and pies all the time.

In the baking industry the competition can be tough and you have to bring your A game if you want to be the preferred baker. For this you must be skilled in baking and you need the best catering equipment to complement your baking skills. When you are able to master the skill of baking and combine it with the right catering equipment, you will be on to a winning formula that will bring in regular customers. So go ahead and make your mark in the baking industry by impressing your customers with deliciously baked bread and pies.

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