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Insulated Meal Systems For Hospitals
09 Jul

There are many ill and injured people that have to stay in hospital for a day, a week or longer. Therefore, hospitals are geared to care for patients in many ways and that includes their catering needs. Because many people spend more than a day in hospital food must be provided for them in order to maintain their energy and glucose levels.

Just like a catering company the internal hospital catering service must be able to provide good quality foods that are served at the right temperature. Food should be served warm and so should coffee and tea. But when there are so many patients to cater for how can each person receive a nice warm plate of food? Insulated meal systems are a solution to this issue. An insulated meal system is essentially a range of catering equipment such as food cover lids, bowls, plates, mugs and jugs. These items have a double wall construction with an ozone friendly urethane foam insulation. It is also made with a durable polypropylene construction. Together these materials offer superior heat retention and they can hold high temperature contents warm for up to 45 minutes.

When the food is ready to serve it can be placed into the insulated plate and covered with the insulated lid while it is being transported from the kitchen to the patient's room. Passing through the hallways is usually what cools food down so if it is kept covered in the insulated plate and lid the food will retain its heat until it gets to the patient. Even while the patient is eating, the plate will still keep the food warm thus allowing the patient to enjoy a lovely warm meal while they are in hospital.

After the food is served it will be time to serve coffee or tea. For this the insulated mugs come in very handy. The mug will keep the coffee or tea hot for up to 45 minutes which is wonderful when you think about how quickly drinks can get cold in the winter months. Patients will be able to forget about the reason they're in hospital and enjoy that hot cup of coffee or tea while watching a program on the overhead television. When it comes to a hospital stay it may not always be a pleasant one because of the reason you're there but it is wonderful when the catering staff are able to offer you delicious meals and drinks served at the desired temperature.

In addition, this catering equipment is dishwasher safe. So when the food has been eaten and the drinks are done the catering staff can simply place the insulated products into the dishwasher because they are able to withstand high temperatures.

Hospitals can benefit from using insulated meal systems because it keeps food and drinks warm and it is durable. Another great feature is that it does not break easily because of the material it is made of. So if a patient accidently drops the plate or mug, only the mess needs to be cleaned while the catering equipment is still intact.

Insulated meal systems can improve a hospitals catering service and make the patient's stay a bit more pleasant.

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