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Catering Equipment For Fast Food Restaurants
10 Jul

 The world of fast food is one that is very competitive and fast, literally. Meals must be prepared and served within a few minutes. That may sound like an impossible task but if your commercial kitchen is geared with the right catering equipment and good systems it can be done.

Here is a list of catering equipment for fast food restaurants.


  • Chip Fryer. Fast food restaurants are known for their meal combinations and chips are usually part of the meals. So there must be buckets of chips ready to serve at any given time. A chip fryer like the Anvil Deep Fat Double Pan Fryer is designed for the fast paced and busy restaurant where you can place the chips in the fryer and wait for it fry while you proceed with the order.
  • Chipper. Before you can fry the chips it must first be sliced and doing this by chopping it with a knife can take forever. There's no time for that in a fast food restaurant. The Cater Ace Chipper allows you to place a potato into the slot and simply push it through the square holes cutter which will instantly give you perfectly sliced chips.
  • Chip Dump. Once the chips have been fried in the chip fryer it is a good idea to keep it warm in the Anvil Chip Dump until it is ready to be served. This catering equipment has a sloped drip tray that makes serving easier and it avoids damage to the chips that are being scooped out.
  • Griller. Burgers are a big part of the fast food business so being able to grill burgers consistently every time is essential. The Anvil Electric Griller Ribbed/Flat has a half flat and half ribbed surface which gives you the option of grilling beef burgers on the ribbed side and chicken burgers on the flat side. It has a heavy duty 10 millimetre cooking plate for high heat retention and the grease trough drains into the bottom mounted grease collection pan. This catering equipment is ideal for the fast food set up because it rapidly heats up to the optimum cooking temperature.
  • Bun Toaster. Offering toasted buns for burgers adds a tasty and textured element to the burger. The Anvil Vertical Bun Toaster has a twin feed system. It can toast several buns at a time with the precision cartridge bearing conveyor shafts which offer a smooth operation.
  • Waffle Baker. It's always nice to add a dessert to your fast food menu that your customers can enjoy after their meal. A quick waffle is a good dessert to add to your menu. You can simply offer the basic toppings like sugar or a variety of syrup options to ensure that it remains a quick dessert. With the right catering equipment like the Anvil Waffle Baker 2 Plate you can bake waffles quickly and consistently.

Fast food restaurants are in a very competitive industry and if they want to stay on top of their game they must have the right processes and catering equipment in place. When the catering equipment and the systems work well together, the fast food restaurant is able to deliver consistently delicious meals quickly every time.

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