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Ideas For a Firefighter Birthday Party You Can Do Yourself
16 Aug

Little boys have a zest for life that is admired by adults and they have quite an imagination so when they decide that they want a firefighter party then you have to stretch your imagination too. Here are a few fun ideas that you can do to create a firefighter themed birthday party for a little boy.

Start with the decorations. The colours for fire would be red, orange and yellow so a combination of these colours will create a very vibrant fire theme. To create large flame decorations, cut spirals out of an A4 sheet of red, yellow and orange paper. You will need to cut out about two or three dozen spirals. Hang the group of colours, so about 6 spirals, together from the ceiling to give a fire effect. Draw large flame shapes on the red paper, medium flame shapes on the orange paper and small flames on the yellow paper. Then stick the orange cut out on the red one and the yellow cut out on the orange one. Place these flames on the walls and on the cake table.

 For the cake you will need use specific catering equipment like a cake mixer and oven pans or square cake pans. You can make a burning house or building cake and place one of your son's toy fire trucks next to it. For the burning house cake you can use the oven pan to bake a rectangular shaped cake. You can cut in half and place it on each other. Now you can place icing on the cake. It should be a stiff type of icing, butter icing that is not too liquid will do. Once it is set you can draw brick like outlines in the icing so that it looks like a brick house. Before the cake is ready, you may want to start with the flames and windows. You can use rice paper and food gel for this part. Cut out flame shapes from the rice paper and paint it with red and yellow food gel. Also cut out square shapes for the windows. A square for the back and a smaller square that you will paint blue that will stick to the back square. Then cut out two lines to make a cross over the blue window. Place the windows around the walls of the cake and the flames on the top of the cake.

You can have fun with the snacks too. Put a strawberry and a piece of pineapple on a skewer to add to the red and yellow them then place them in a jar. The strawberries sort of resemble a flame shape as a bonus. You can do the same with marshmallows by putting them on a skewer and in a jar. But you want the fire theme so use the rice paper again. Cut out flame shapes lengthwise along the rice paper, enough so that you can wrap it around the marshmallow. Paint the rice paper flame cut outs with red and yellow food gel to create the fire. While it's still a little damp from the gel, wrap it around the marshmallow before it dries and hardens. Now you have little flames on sticks and they are completely edible.

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