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Grill Eggs And Bacon Like a Pro
11 Sep

There are many ways to prepare eggs and bacon and there are many ways to enjoy it as well. It may be a popular breakfast choice but it is also enjoyed for brunch and for lunch too. It is a filling meal that can carry you through until your next meal. So as a restaurateur your kitchen chef must be able to grill eggs and bacon like a pro if you want to gain more customers.

To start with you will need quality eggs and bacon. It is a good idea to also include the option of sausages as part of the meal. The Anvil Flat Top Electric Griller Egg and Bacon 600mm is specifically manufactured for this purpose. It has three separate surfaces to cook on. On the base the surface is separated into two sections of which you can use the flat half for cooking the eggs and the ribbed half for grilling the bacon, sausages or burger patties. Plus, there is an additional side section next to the flat base surface that is like an extension plate. On this extended flat surface you can place the eggs while you prepare the remainder.

The Anvil Flat Top Electric Griller rapidly heats up to the optimum cooking temperature so there's a short waiting period. This is ideal for the busy restaurant setting where everything has to happen quickly. The flat top griller can be thermostatically controlled so you have better control over the cooking of the ideal eggs. Consistency is key if you want customers to return to your establishment. This catering equipment is manufactured with an element that ensures even heating over the whole cooking surface, which eliminates the concern of one food ingredient being cooked faster than the next. All of the bacon will grill at the same heat and pace. Each customer will get the same type of grilled bacon.

This commercial catering equipment also offers a grease trough which allows the oils to drain into the bottom mounted grease collection pan. Therefore the bacon and sausages that you serve won't be oily and won't leave the plate all greasy. Health conscious customers will appreciate this. Oily foods are no longer the order of the day. In addition, this unit also has a splashback to prevent grease splattering onto the back wall.

With the Anvil Flat Top Electric Griller you can create food with the authentic grill house look too. It doesn't just have to be used for the breakfast meals, it can also be used for the lunch and dinner service. As the one side of the griller is ribbed you can give burgers and steaks that ribbed grill look with the 10 millimetre steel griddle plates. It is quite a versatile piece of catering equipment that can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Whichever meal you serve can be grilled like a professional chef. After all, that's what you want your restaurant to be known for: professionally cooked meals that look as good as they taste.

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