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The Benefits And Features of The Dwash Dishwashers
29 Oct

DWash has two popular dishwashers in their range which are manufactured for the commercial kitchen. They are models DWD4050 and DWD4100. A restaurant kitchen can become very busy especially at breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. During these peak times there will be a load of dishes that will need to be washed and washing them by hand can take a lot of hours and energy. A durable dishwasher can improve the productivity of the industrial kitchen. Here are the benefits and features of the DWash Dishwashers.

The DWD4050 is the smaller of the two catering equipment units but don't underestimate its capabilities. It measures 590 x 600 x 850 millimetres with a tank capacity of 29 litres and a boiler capacity of 5.7 litres. This commercial dishwasher is designed with stainless steel, has a double skin door, and a sloped tank with screwed basket rails. Plus the wash and rinse arms group is made of polypropylene. In addition, it is manufactured with electromechanical buttons for convenience and easy use. This dishwasher includes a detergent and rinse aid dispenser, drain pump, thermo-stop feature, a plater rack, a mesh rack and a cutlery holder. For water conscious establishment, it is good to know that this dishwasher only requires 2.3 litres of water consumption. It is manufactured with power and efficiency in mind with a total power input of 3200 watts and a power supply of 230 volts at 50 hertz. The DWD4050 has sufficient capabilities to endure the daily wash cycles of a small restaurant or cafe.

The DWD4100 is the larger of the two units measuring at 720 x 735 millimetres side to side and a staggering height of 1445 millimetres high. So make sure that you have enough room in your industrial kitchen for this large dishwasher. The DWD4100 has a tank capacity of 30 litres and a boiler capacity of 5.7 litres. It is designed with a stainless steel single skin hood, surface filers as well as wash and rinse arms made of polypropylene. The hood is operated with start/stop functions and electromechanical buttons. This commercial dishwasher includes a detergent and rinse aid dispenser, drain pump, thermo-stop, a plate rack, a mesh rack and a cutlery holder too. This larger unit may consume more water than its counterpart at 2.8 litres but it is still a very reasonable amount of water for a commercial kitchen. This catering equipment is powerful in its own right with a total input of 6550 watts and a power supply of 400 volts. This particular commercial kitchen equipment is suitable for busy restaurants, coffee shops, and caterers could benefit as well.

The DWash dishwashers are formidable forms of catering equipment that are designed to improve the efficiency of washing large loads of dishes in the commercial kitchen environment. Restaurants are under a lot of pressure to deliver fresh, hot, and delicious meals to their customers and they must ensure that their commercial kitchen is clean and tidy. These commercial dishwashers help the kitchen staff to clean the dishes so that they can proceed with other tasks and assist customer requests.

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