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How To Set Up and Use Your Evox Vacuum Pack Machine
29 Oct

The Evox Vacuum Pack Machine is a valuable catering equipment to have in your commercial kitchen, supermarket or butchery because it will make your life so much easier. With it you can vacuum pack fruits, vegetables and meat products in airtight bags to preserve its freshness. The vacuum pack bag ensures that the food is solidly sealed for storage in the fridge or freezer.

But first, when you get your Evox Vacuum Pack Machine this is how you should set it up.

  1. At the very first use of the Evox Vacuum Pack Machine you must run the calibration cycle. This is an important step because it will set up the machine for future use. You only need to do this once.
  2. Connect the catering equipment with the electrical cable into the power source. Place the unit on a flat firm surface that is preferably at a comfortable countertop height.
  3. Keep the pump key pressed in for 5 seconds. When the pump starts you should close the lid and wait for the cycle to end. Be patient and let the cycle complete. You will know that the cycle is still running when you see the LED light of the key "VAC" flashing during the calibration cycle. Once the VAC light is off, the calibration cycle will be complete.
  4. Now your Evox Vacuum Pack Machine is ready to use. Get your food items ready and place it in the vacuum bag. You will notice that this catering equipment has an elegant and intuitive touch control panel. It is very easy to use because it has 4 LED keys that have a complete set of functions.
  5. The 4 LED keys are VAC, PUMP, SEAL and START/STOP.
  • VAC: this button selects the cycle in the preservation or cooking vacuum modes.
  • PUMP: when you select this button you activate the vacuum into containers mode or the external vacuum mode when using channelled bags outside the vacuum chamber.
  • SEAL: with this key you select the sealing intensity level. Press this button repeatedly until you reach the preferred sealing intensity level. There are 4 levels and each one will be indicated by a specific LED light. You can also start the sealing process before the cycle is completed. So when you press this key during the vacuum cycle, the machine starts the sealing phase and stops the vacuum phase.
  • START/STOP: as you may have assumed, this button starts and stops the vacuum cycle. Press this button after selecting the desired function. At the end of the cycle this catering equipment will stop by itself.

The Evox Vacuum Pack Machine is a fast packing, versatile and compact commercial kitchen equipment. With this catering equipment you know that you are getting a 100% made in Italy vacuum pump which is of high quality. It ensures excellent performance and results. So when you get your vacuum pack machine make sure that you set it up correctly and familiarise yourself with the various functions. Then you will enjoy the convenience of packaging and preserving your fruits, vegetables and meat products.

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