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Dish Racks Can Simplify A Caterers Day
09 Dec

 Dish racks are highly underestimated but it is a piece of catering equipment that can make a caterer's day so much easier. It makes hard work much lighter and minimises breakages and losses of glassware. If you're a caterer then you would understand the frustration this can cause.

There's a range of dish racks by Carlisle that includes a rack and basket as well as the accompanying accessories. There is everything that you would need for efficient dish clearing and washing operations. It is no secret that ware washing can be a labour intensive task and if you're not able to manage it well then it is likely that it could affect your operation's bottom line. In addition, it could also add unnecessary frustration to your catering tasks. The idea with the dish racks is that you are able to clear up the dishes easily by the way of packing multiple glasses or cups onto a single rack. A caterer's assistant could then simply hold the single dish rack and clear up a good few tables in one go. This will save a lot of walking back and forth to the kitchen, hence saving a lot of time.

The Carlisle dish racks are engineered to flow. It features a 3 component system for your convenience. It has a sturdy double wall construction to ensure that the glasses and cups are safe and firmly in place if the rack is being moved from one area to another. They offer versatile stacking so you could stack the dish racks one on top of another thus saving storage space in the kitchen. It has an open wall design and quick draining ability. It also features 4-way tracking, locking extenders and comfortable curve handles. This range is developed with a honeycomb design that has been a tested structure over many years and that delivers durability while simultaneously increasing the flow of water through each rack. The open honeycomb design eliminates flat surfaces so the contents are able to dry quickly by means of easy air flow.

This system of dish racks is simple to use because you can determine the rack and extender combination. To determine these combinations consider these guidelines. The open profile facilitates superior washing, complete rinsing and fast drying. The double wall construction provides maximum strength so you can fill it with all the glassware and know that it will remain intact while you move the filled rack to the kitchen. The curve handles are comfortably moulded into all four sides for easy handling. The sturdy bottom has four-way tracking to make it easy to load into a dishwasher machine. The quick draining feature means that there is not a flat surface that can trap the water or the loose food particles. The sure-lock extenders have unique snap on and snap off attachments for fast and simple assembly and disassembly from the outside of the rack. Then finally, these dish racks are compatible with many industrial dishwashers.

This is a very useful set of catering equipment that can make your catering duties a much easier one.

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