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Personal Protective Equipment For Your Staff
24 Jun

If your business is active and open you must take measures to ensure the safety of your staff. Or if you are in the medical industry then your staff's protection is necessary. When your staff members are protected, your customers and patients will also benefit from this. These are the types of the personal protective equipment (PPE) available for your staff members.

  • Face masks. A face mask covers the nose and the mouth which are the main ways of how the coronavirus enters the body. The face mask is also a compulsory measure of protection when people are out in public areas and at work.
  • Face shields. The face shield completely covers the front of the face much as a shield does. It is a clear shield so that you can see where you are going. It fits easily on the top of the head and is anchored in this way. The face shield blocks any droplets that may come in your direction.
  • Goggles. This is a protective measure for your eyes so that the risk of external droplets from other people is dramatically reduced. Your eyes are an open cavity too and a virus can enter your body through your eyes. So it is a good idea for your staff members to cover their eyes with goggles.
  • Gloves. Gloves reduce the risk of exposure to your staff members if they happen to come in contact with someone who may have the coronavirus. The gloves can be easily removed and disposed of if your staff member suspects that they may have come in contact with someone who has the virus.
  • Coveralls. This is a complete body suit that will cover your staff member from head to toe. It can be worn over their clothes so it can be removed completely at the end of the day. This minimises their direct exposure to virus and keeps them protected throughout the day.
  • Shoe covers. It has been mentioned that the coronavirus can be carried on the shoes. Many people have neglected the shoes so the shoe covers are a good way to minimise the transferring of the coronavirus from the workplace to staff members' homes. When they get to work they put on the shoe covers and before they leave work they can remove the shoe covers and dispose of it before they go home.
  • Head gear. A quite interesting type of head gear that you can get for your staff members is one that is a medical balaclava. This head gear goes over the head to only expose the area from the eyes to the mouth. This should be worn in conjunction with a face mask to ensure minimised exposure to the coronavirus.

Your staff members should be protected as much as possible to minimise their exposure to the coronavirus and also to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to the customers. Also remember to practice hygiene in the workplace too, like disinfecting catering equipment, utensils, desks and other items that people are working with.

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