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Butcherquip Biltong Cabinets Set the Standard in Biltong Making
02 Jul

By Stana Peete  |   Submitted On June 09, 2014 

People who love biltong most likely have a preference as to which butcher they will go to in order to buy tasty quality biltong. Such customers are loyal and will return to a particular butchery time and time again. After all, every South African weekend consists of sports, braai, friends, family gatherings, and tasty biltong. If you are a butcher, you need to ensure that customers are returning to you for quality biltong. Butcherquip has made this task easy by setting a high standard in biltong making.

The most preferred way of making biltong is to use a Butcherquip biltong cabinet. The following reasons will explain why it has been able to set a standard above other biltong making machines.

First of all, these biltong cabinets are manufactured to produce high volumes of biltong. This is essential for a busy butchery or supermarket that has to keep up with the high demand of biltong sales. Butcherquip biltong cabinets are available in either stainless steel or mild steel. The 1250 litre stainless steel version can be supplied with 24 galvanised hanging rods to assist you with the additional biltong. It is, therefore, also recommended that you insert the stainless steel drip tray to capture any liquid that drips from the to-be-cured biltong. The removable drip tray is easy to clean and keeps any excess liquid from the biltong cabinet's inner bottom surface. The 245 litre mild steel biltong units can be supplied with 10 galvanised rods and can cure up to 25kg of wet meat making it suitable for smaller butcheries, hunters, and home industries.

The stainless steel material decreases the adhesion of bacteria to the cabinet's surface, therefore it is more hygienic. The steel surface is also easier to clean and disinfect, ensuring the hygienic safety of the biltong. The Butcherquip biltong cabinet has a built in pre-set temperature control function to avoid tampering and to ensure consistency in the biltong curing process. It includes an extraction fan for efficient air exchanges and it allows for uniform drying throughout the cabinet.

Butcherquip biltong cabinets are built with health and safety in mind as well as consistency and durability. They are ideal for medium or large quantities of biltong with models available for home industries and hunters to supermarkets and larger butcheries. These qualities are what sets them apart from others and sets a high standard in the biltong and catering industry.