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Toast for Breakfast Made Easy
17 Nov

Life is slowly returning back to normal or the new normal rather. As more people are venturing out to restaurants whilst being cautious they are starting to enjoy the perks of going out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner again. Your restaurant should be ready to accommodate the new customers by putting proper hygiene practices in place and having the best catering equipment ready for service.

During lockdown people had to prepare their own breakfast, lunch and supper. This made many of them realise that they missed going to restaurants and cafes because having someone make a meal for you and clean up afterwards is a treat that many have now realised they took for granted. So now with fewer restrictions and more restaurants open, people are going out for breakfast because there's nothing better than waking up and having someone make breakfast for you. It's no secret that with bacon and eggs, people enjoy their toast and many simply love the melted butter on toast too. If you prepare your breakfasts with the option of two, three or four slices of bread then it can become challenging to prepare batches of freshly toasted bread for the breakfast service.

The Anvil Conveyor Toaster is a star when it comes to toasting slices of bread. It is a compact commercial kitchen equipment that is ideal for restaurants, cafes and hotels. You can place it either in the front of house or in your commercial kitchen because of its compact size. The Anvil Conveyor Toaster is manufactured with an 85mm usable height above the conveyor, it includes a 250mm wide stainless steel conveyor belt and 100mm high adjustable legs.

The variable conveyor speed allows you to set both the toast and bun heat settings, In addition there are individual heat controls for both the top and bottom elements. That means this catering equipment can toast a wide variety of bread with ease. Therefore, you have assumed correctly when it comes to the consistency of the toasting process. Each slice will be toasted evenly so next time the customer returns they will be ensured of this consistency in your breakfast service. This is a powerful compact unit that makes the life of the restaurant manager so much easier because it can produce around 300 to 450 toasted slices per hour. Now that's more than enough. The output does depend on the size of unit you decide on, of course. So you can serve an entire group with breakfast within a short period of time.

The Anvil Conveyor Toaster is a durable piece of commercial kitchen equipment that is manufactured by one of South Africa's most recognized and widely accepted brands within the commercial food service equipment industry. It is only natural that this catering equipment is made for everyday use and is especially suited for restaurants or cafes that have a breakfast menu.

If you've been using the average four slice toaster in your restaurant or cafe you may want to reconsider upgrading to a commercial grade Conveyor Toaster that has a high output. It will save you time in the kitchen and it will ensure happier customers because you don't want a table of customers waiting for the toast while their bacon and eggs is there and cooling off as they wait. You want to ensure the best customer experience because, as we all know, this is what customers come back for: the meal and the good service.

As the new normal is here now and we all have to adapt accordingly, why not adapt and improve on your menu and service to keep up with the way of things.

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