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Does Your Business Need a Tunnel Dishwasher?
09 Dec

The compact tunnel dishwasher is designed to adapt to the large requirements of food establishments and the hospitality industry. Many hotels and restaurants prefer to use a dishwasher rather than hiring someone to do the dishes manually. The tunnel dishwasher is both compact and has high-performance qualities. This new compact model was designed to be assembled quick and easy from either side giving you the option of a variety of layout choices. Most of the time it takes more time for things to get done when you do them manually. Especially in a busy restaurant you need to keep things running quick and efficiently, because you have to keep customers happy always

Access to Clean Kitchenware

A dishwasher is usually the soul of any kitchen and other than just washing dishes, your restaurant, and bakery or food business can present its meals on shiny plates accompanied by spotless silver utensils. You will never have to scramble around for clean dishes or glasses. With a diswasher it will help to ensure that there is a continuous stream of clean kitchenware available so that your customers don't have to wait for their meals.

Upholds Hygiene and Cleanliness

Hygiene and cleanliness are one of the most important aspects of the restaurant industry because you do not want your guests to be turned off. A lock of clean kitchenware can have a huge impact on your business and customers take note of these choices, most importantly hygiene and cleanliness. A clean restaurant will separate yours from others also providing your clients with trusted service. If a client has a bad experience in a restaurant due to dirty cutlery or crockery - they are less likely to come back again. Having a dishwasher will surely benefit your foodservice operation long term by always ensuring dishes, glasses and kitchenware is washed properly every time.

Provides Efficiency and Improves Service

Compared to manually handwashing dishes, you can't have an efficient food service business or restaurant without a dishwasher. By understanding the flow in the kitchen a dishwasher will decrease the wait time for a clean dish and give staff time to attend to other tasks. You can fill up the dishwasher at any given time compared to manually washing them. The only thing your staff will need to do is pack and unpack the clean and dirty dishes.

A Few Features on the Tunnel Dishwasher

  • Self-cleaning vertical wash pumps, protected from electrical overloads
  • Traction system with built-in clutch preventing derailment
  • Stainless Steel boilers fully insulated to reduce thermal losses
  • Electronic soft-touch panel with an IP65 security level, manufactured to be user friendly and easy to be cleaned
  • Stainless steel surface filters on every tank, easily removable without detaching washing arms
  • Insulated double skin door, counterbalanced, equipped with the anti-drop safety system
  • Auto timer to switch off the rack conveyor motor after a prolonged period of inactivity
  • Economizers to allow operation only when the rack is detected in that specific area, avoiding any waste of water and energy

Dishwashers are designed to ingest less electricity and water than you would hand washing the dishes. The efficiency of most of these models helps with great results as well as reduced detergent consumption. The tunnel dishwasher is practically faster than handwashing dishes and without compromising on cleaning and it is simple to use for your kitchen staff and shouldn't need training. If you don't have a dishwasher in your kitchen or if you hire out catering equipment suppliers - you really won't go wrong with the Tunnel Dishwasher. Keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly at all times, don't lose out on profit because of dirty dishes.

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