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Why You Need Epoxy Coated Shelving For Your Commercial Kitchen
11 Jan

If you're in the food or restaurant industry then you should know how important proper food storage is for any commercial kitchen. It is a critical part of helping maintain the highest and best catering standards and to also help with reducing food poisoning - You don't want anyone to get sick. There are many other foods like flour, maize, canned foods, packaged kinds of pasta and spaghetti, packaged soup and many other foods that do last longer and can be stored at room temperature in your pantry or your kitchen shelves. When it comes to the handling of food you have to treat it as it is - PRIORITY! Food safety and proper food storage can prevent customers from getting ill. It shouldn't matter if you have been in the industry for years or if you just started - read more to find out why you need Epoxy Coated Shelving for your restaurants or commercial kitchens operations.

Kitchen Design and Layout

The most essential part of any restaurant or food business is the design and layout of your kitchen. A good design will make your kitchen functional and run smooth and effectively. It is a vital part of your business that your kitchen operates well that is why your design should be well thought through and planned.

Storage for Food Operating Business

Your ingredients must always be fresh and free from impurity. It should also be stored at the right temperature depending on what the product is. You should also have all your utensils in a place where staff can easily access them. You can divide your storage section into dry ingredients and cold ingredients. You can section it on shelves or divide your items accordingly.

Dry Storage

Your dry storage items will be your canned foods, your maize, flour, spices, packaged foods and most of your fresh produce. A dry storage area is a must-have in your restaurant or kitchen environment, a place where all your ingredients are stored safely. Using Zinc plating with epoxy wire shelving is a valuable option for storing your food items especially if you have limited space in your kitchen.

Cold Storage

Your cold storage items will be your meat items, yoghurt, kinds of butter, creams and many other items. This will probably be separate from your shelving depending on what type of freezers you have installed. You must keep your frozen foods fresh and at the right temperatures at all times if you want to produce quality food.

Cleaning and Washing Up

When it comes to your plates, cutlery, crockery, glassware - it constantly gets used and needs to be washed regularly and ready to be reused. Installing a tap with a shower head to help rinse before putting in the wash area or into the dishwasher if you have one is necessary. You can also pack these items off the shelves. It will help you to access them easily at any point and time.

Food Preparation and Food Service

When your kitchen staff is preparing food - different types of foods must be prepped at different places in the kitchen. You can divide your counter space and split sections for different food preps such as your veggies and fresh produce and your meats and poultries. To provide quality service your kitchen needs to operate smoothly and rapidly without disrupting the front-of-house staff. Therefore organising your kitchen is essential. You can use the Zinc plating with epoxy wire shelving for your plates, saucers, cups and more and keep it in a tucked away area for days when you have emergencies and you need extra dishes.

Take Care of High-Risk Foods

Be sure to take extra care of food poisoning bacteria, some can grow and spread on some foods more easily than others. Take distinctive care of the foods we mention below:

  • Cooked meat, including chicken and turkey and foods containing them like lasagne, casseroles and curried or spiced foods
  • Dairy products such as yoghurts, custards, tarts, cheese, cheesecakes
  • Eggs and meals containing egg
  • Seafood and food containing seafood - Such as seafood salad, fishcakes, fish curries, seafood patties
  • Cooked rice and pasta
  • Prepared salads, pasta salads and fruits salads

Don't forget to keep in mind when storing canned foods and jar items - they can become a high-risk once opened. Keep these items stored correctly and use them according to packing instructions.

Using Zinc plating with epoxy wire shelving units are ideal for wet and cold environments and are easy to assemble. It is completely sturdy, versatile, and durable and perfect for any foodservice business.

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