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How Essential Is A Multi Juicer For Your Small Business?
12 May

Like most SMEs (small-to-medium enterprise) in South Africa or those trying to build up their own business time, innovation, and edge are very important to the growth and future sustainability of any business. 

So, when you have an SME catering, events or small stall at a mall the essential Catering Equipment for your kitchen is very important. The Multi Juicer will be able to compete with today’s trends and times.

The Multi Juicer

Chefs, caterers, event planners all realise the cost-efficiencies and a boost to owning a Multi Juicer.

Boosting flavour and nutrition with juice recipes is a plus for any SME. Juicing recipes are as diverse and creative as are the imaginations of the chefs who conceive them. There’s plenty of room for originality in both the ingredients and the presentation. So, feel free to improvise, seeing South Africa is such a diverse country. Fresh juices also serve to enhance the flavours in a wide variety of food recipes. The opportunities to impress and capture new patrons are endless.

Juice VS Smoothies.

The difference between these two beverage items is pretty clear. The juicing process separates the pulp from the produce, which is usually discarded as waste or composted as garden fertilizer, leaving the pure juice with most of the nutrients ready to drink. Another plus for an upcoming SME, looking after nature with composting and adding a business star for serving healthy food. And considering the state of the world, customers will go for the healthy delicious option. Also, composting can provide employment possibilities for a fellow South African. Another star plus for your growing SME. 

Juices are great for customers who prefer a pulp-free beverage with no seeds or skin fibres. The lack of fibre means that it is easier to consume a larger amount of nutrients from fruits and vegetables because pure juice is less filling, but easier to digest and faster to finish, especially for the business customer that doesn’t always have the time to sit still for breakfast or lunch.

Smoothies are blended—the natural fibre is ground into the mixture providing an added health benefit. Keep in mind that fresh juices can always be featured in smoothie recipes or added to cocktails to create signature menu items.

The key here is that both smoothies and fresh juices can be offered on your menu for a decent profit. Both are healthier alternatives to sweet sodas and coffee drinks, so the price point can be adjusted to reflect the nutritional benefit many health-conscious customers are willing to pay. And like most South Africans, they love their summer cool off beverages with ice, so your Scotsman Ice Machine will come in real handy with your Multi Juicer.

Beverages have very high mark-up value in the foodservice industry, especially those that are presented as special, original, and signature recipes. The idea of incorporating juicing in a variety of ways into your business can contribute greatly to both your reputation and your bottom line. Not to mention how beautifully delicious bottled beverages will look in your Meat Display Fridge decorated amongst your pre-paired sandwiches for the fast pace business patron.

Come have a virtual walk through our Catering Equipment product page and you will see all these; Commercial RefrigerationScotsman Ice MachineMeat Display Fridge and our Summit Multi Juicer for any Commercial Kitchen. Contact any of our professional salesmen for a quote, they will happily assist.