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A Commercial Microwave versus a Domestic Microwave
20 Jul

Can you imagine what life was like before the microwave? It’s hard to believe that the microwave is a modern invention that actually hasn’t been around for that long but it is a catering equipment that we can’t live without. It makes heating up foods and drinks such a convenient experience.

That being said, there is a big difference between a domestic microwave and a commercial microwave. If you’re managing a restaurant, café, or coffee shop, a domestic microwave is just not going to give you what you need in terms of durability and reliability. If you have been using one, then you’ve probably noticed that it overheats or it simply can’t handle the pace and demand of the commercial kitchen.

What do you need in your restaurant when it comes to a microwave?

A commercial microwave such as the Avenia Microwave has been manufactured with the commercial kitchen in mind. In a restaurant kitchen, there is a constant bustle because there are people ordering food and drinks throughout the day. That means you are using your commercial kitchen equipment all day long. Therefore, your commercial kitchen equipment is working all the time. In a domestic setting, a microwave is only used when it is required and only a few times throughout the day. If you use a domestic microwave in your restaurant, you may overwork it and it will break down sooner than you’d expect. It is simply not manufactured to be used all day and every day. Don’t be tempted to cut costs because in the long run, you could incur higher costs in repairs and replacing the unit altogether.

Whereas, the Avenia Microwave was manufactured with the commercial kitchen in mind. It has a durable stainless steel interior and exterior with a robust aluminium handle. It is, therefore, tough enough for the commercial kitchen. To make matters even better, it has been made with an easy to clean design. That is what you want from your catering equipment, the easy-to-clean factor because you have to clean it as you use it. With this commercial microwave you can cook a wide range of foods and you can heat a broad selection of pre-packaged foods. Plus, you can also use it to heat drinks that have been pre-packaged too. This is great if you have a tea room, coffee shop, or a quick serve establishment.

The Avenia Microwave has five adjustable levels, a twenty-five litre cavity and a three stage cooking control. Furthermore, it has one hundred user defined programs which make cooking and heating an easier controlled process. Imagine the possibilities with one hundred programs. Thus, it is able to handle much more than you would expect from a domestic microwave. The 1000 watt power voltage is perfect for reheating as well as for low volume cooking and defrosting. Keep in mind that the maximum cooking time is sixty minutes, which is more than enough. In addition, the Avenia Commercial Microwave is LOA approved and it comes with a one- year warranty. That is what you need in your commercial kitchen.

A commercial microwave is made for the commercial kitchen to ensure that you are able to deliver those meals and drinks throughout the day’s service every day. You don’t have to be concerned about it breaking down when you need it the most. It is tough enough to handle your requirements. It is a hard -working catering equipment that will endure the demand and will prove to be reliable in your restaurant, café, or coffee shop. Therefore, investing in a commercial microwave is good for your business.