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Baking Waffles that People Will Fall In Love With
29 Jul

Waffles are one of those sweet treats that people will trade a whole meal for just to have the perfect giant waffle with their favourite toppings. If you manage a restaurant, you would have had some customers ask you for only a waffle, a whole waffle not a half portion, so that they can enjoy it to the full. Now that’s a true waffle lover.

It’s clear to see that having waffles on your menu is a winner. And when you have a selection of delectable toppings you’ll definitely get waffle orders regularly. Whether it’s shared or enjoyed by one person, it is a dessert that many people love. For that reason, your restaurant should be geared with the right catering equipment in order to deliver delicious waffles every time.

How do you ensure perfect waffles every time?

With the Anvil Waffle Bakers, of course. This catering equipment comes in two options namely Standard Waffle Bakers and Belgian Waffle Bakers. So, you can set your restaurant, café or ice cream parlour apart from the others with your chosen Anvil Waffle Baker.

Now, let’s explore the Standard and the Belgian Waffle Bakers.

Standard Waffle Baker

This catering equipment is ideal for making the everyday waffles that we all know and love. It’s able to make each one the same consistently all the time and for every customer. And this is how it does it. You can get more creative and profitable with waffles by serving them with interesting toppings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The upper and lower grids interlock to seal the batter and limit the overflow. Therefore, it produces perfectly rounded edges every time. The body of the waffle baker is made from stainless steel and it has a stainless steel drip plate which makes cleaning it an easier task. The double plate units can be independently operated thus saving you money through the energy efficiency. Furthermore, the thermostat inside the unit is pre-set at 200 degrees Celsius for consistent temperature and the timer function can be used to bake the waffles to the required finish.

Belgian Waffle Baker

If you want to serve up something different then the Belgian waffle will do the trick. People will travel out of their way for a good Belgian waffle. So the pressure is on to deliver the perfect Belgian waffle. Anvil’s Belgian style waffle bakers are, therefore, suited for those commercial kitchens, coffee shops, outdoor markets, and ice cream parlours who want to stand out of the crowd and offer their customers a different dessert experience that they will remember. These units are fitted with a digital programmable control so that you can control the heat and the time settings as required. This will allow you to get the same waffle each time once you’ve determined the heat and time settings that are ideal for your perfect waffle. It comes with a built-in audible alarm that sounds upon completion of the programmed time, plus it has a digital read out display. It is manufactured with 190 degree rotating Teflon coated waffle plates as well as a stainless steel construction that signifies quality. The Belgian Waffle Baker is rather innovative and technologically advanced for the commercial kitchen setting.

Both of these Anvil Waffle Bakers will give you consistent waffles every time and will allow you to make deliciously wonderful waffles that your customers will enjoy. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to offer standard waffles with a variety of interesting toppings or Belgian waffles that people are willing to travel for. Whichever one you choose, you’ll always have waffle fans in your establishment.