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Wake Up to the Aroma of Brewed Coffee
20 Aug

Coffee is the go-to drink for a lot of people morning, or even in the afternoon. It gives them that kick start they need to get the day started and to keep their momentum going. What if you could get people to come to work on time or earlier? What if you could get people to be just a little bit more productive? For just these two reasons alone it is already a good idea for your business to have an Avenia Coffee Machine. But there are more good reasons.

There are certain scents that draw people in and one of those distinctive aromas is coffee. A freshly brewed pot of coffee is one of the most divine aromas in the world. Why are you not utilising this nifty trick in your business? If your team knows that every morning they can expect this wonderful coffee aroma they will desire that cup of coffee at work every day. They won’t make coffee at home, they will choose to come into the office a little earlier to grab that freshly brewed cup of coffee before anyone else does. And they will associate the lovely coffee aroma with their work, creating positive connotations in their mind. Wouldn’t you want your staff to think positively about your business? 

So how do you get that freshly brewed coffee aroma and the quality coffee in your office?

The Avenia Coffee Machine, naturally. This catering equipment not only brews the coffee but it keeps it warm for a long time afterwards because it comes with a 2,2 litre stainless steel vacuum airpot. This airpot features a convenient carry handle and a pump serving system that makes dispensing the drink easy enough for anyone to do it. The durable stainless steel pour-over funnel also adds to the easy to use factor plus it has a large water reservoir and overheat protection. No need to worry about overheating. All of these features give you freshly brewed coffee that is delightful and ready to serve many people. Oh yes, the wonders of coffee.

There are numerous ways you can use the Avenia Coffee Machine in your business. Here are a few of them.

  • You could have it in the staff room or have a designated coffee station so that your staff can help themselves to the wonderful coffee before they get started with the work day or during their coffee break.
  • Consider placing it in the meeting room where your team and your clients can meet and discuss plans or future business whilst sitting with the positive inducing coffee aroma coupled with the cup of coffee. You’re tantalising your clients sense of smell and taste at the same time. Serve the coffee in an appealing cup and you will be appealing to their sense of sight too. All positive vibes coming towards your business. 
  • You could place the coffee machine in the waiting room or reception area where your clients can get a whiff of the coffee as your receptionist offers them a freshly brewed cup. They will be more than happy to wait whilst enjoying that freshly brewed cup of coffee. 

Aren’t these wonderful ways to give your business a boost of positivity? Isn’t it a great way to cheer up your staff? It sounds so simple but a good cup of coffee and the accompanying aroma is really satisfying and makes many people very happy. It is such a small gesture that carries such wonderfully great rewards. So ask yourself… Wouldn’t the Avenia Coffee Machine be an excellent addition to your business?