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Make Way for the Exciting Anvil Convection Ovens
25 Apr

Anvil is surprising chefs and caterers with its new look range of mechanical convection ovens. And it’s not just about the look but also about the improved functionality that is impressing everyone. This year it’s all about giving your restaurant or catering business a renewed confidence.

The Anvil Convection Oven gives you an improved set of features as follows:

  • This commercial kitchen equipment is manufactured with a stainless-steel exterior and interior which makes it ideal for restaurants.
  • The corners of the interior are rounded to make it easier to wipe those curved areas clean on the inside.
  • In addition, the removable shelf runners also make the cleaning experience an easier one.
  • A bake timer is included in this convection oven which automatically switches off after you’ve set the time for a certain period.
  • In certain units, there is a grill element which is ideal for browning and grilling of foods. 
  • There is an interior light to view the contents that is a standard feature in all units.
  • The oven is fan assisted plus it is fitted with a custom designed baffle plate. This ensures that the temperature is distributed evenly thus provided for uniformity when it comes to reliable baking. The baked products will be perfectly baked on both sides thus making this catering equipment superior to other static ovens.
  • The operating temperature extends from 50 to 300 degrees Celsius.
  • There is a new single cam hinge designed on this oven which has fewer wearing parts.
  • The new look convection oven comes with a modern style glass door. 

The Anvil Convection Oven with its new design gives the modern chef and caterer a renewed way of baking and grilling that will improve the efficiency of the commercial kitchen. And thus give the customer a wonderful baked or grilled food experience.