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Embrace the Freshness of Good Food
09 May

Vegetables have the most wonderful array of colours from bright orange carrots to gorgeous green peas. Ensuring they keep that supreme colour will depend on how long you can keep the freshness locked in. The same goes for red meats and chicken where not only the colour is an indicator of freshness but the odour tells you exactly how fresh it is or is not.

The Avenia Vacuum Pack Machine gives you the ability to embrace the freshness by vacuum sealing foods in an airtight bag. This catering equipment is perfect for commercial kitchens such as restaurants and cafes as well as butcheries and supermarkets. It is designed for constant use and for a variety of food products. The Avenia Vacuum Pack Machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel and has very durable lid hinges. If it’s longevity you want from a vacuum pack machine, then this is the unit you’ve been looking for.

Furthermore, they are efficient in the sense that they improve productivity. It has a powerful oil lubricating vacuum pump with a PLC control to measure the vacuum and sealing time. You are able to control the time it takes to seal the food products and thus calculate how much time you require. Naturally, this automatic sealing motion beats the time of packing and sealing the foods by hand. Your productivity ratio will improve immensely.

The process of packaging the food products in the Avenia Vacuum Pack Machine is an easy one. The unit is designed in the style of a box shape within which you can place the vacuum packs and the food products. You will close the top lid which will allow the sealing process to start by drawing all the air out of the unit. Then the plastic packaging will seal around the food product leaving no air pockets or gaps. It’s a very neat and clever way to seal in the freshness. And it does it in almost no time at all.