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Freshly Brewed Coffee is a Great Start to the Day
18 May

Starting the day with a cup of coffee can bring so much joy. The delectable aroma paired with the delicious flavour is a wonderful way to get the morning going. Bravilor understands this, especially in the commercial environment where serving many people whilst keeping them happy is very important.

The Bravilor Coffee Machines are developed to serve freshly brewed filter coffee without the need for a water main. Plus, it brews rather quickly. The ISO unit is manufactured with a manual fill water system so that you can place the coffee machine anywhere you want to. With this type of coffee machine the water can be poured directly into this catering equipment then it will brew on its own. The unit comes with a vacuum flask that is designed to maintain the correct temperature for the coffee. In addition, it is easy to operate and maintain. It is, therefore, ideal for corporate settings where the staff are occupied with their daily work duties but want coffee readily available for meetings and coffee breaks. It is also suitable for bed and breakfast lodges and hotels because it can be set up to be brewed in the morning and it will remain warm while you await the guests arrival. Due to its compact and convenient operation, you can set up the coffee machine right next to the buffet station.

As you contemplate a coffee machine for your office, bed and breakfast or hotel, you may want to consider one like this. A coffee machine that doesn’t require any additional plumbing for a water source, it is easy to use, easy to maintain and it keeps the coffee warm at the ideal temperature. In this day and age it is that convenience factor which makes the difference between a good day and a bad day.