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Prepare Your Own Distinctive Mince
14 Jun

There are many people who appreciate it when you have a distinctive flavour to your meals. And the only way you can have that uniqueness is if you make the meals from scratch with your own secret ingredients. The same goes for mince. When you prepare your own mince you can add herbs or spices that will create a distinctive flavour that customers will recognise.

A great way to make your own mince is with the Trespade Hand Mincer. It is easy to use and is great for both the commercial setting and for the hospitality environment. With this butchery equipment you can make your hamburgers, sausages, or wors in preparation for those unique burgers and hotdogs you have on your menu. People notice when you have a delicious meal with a distinctive flavour because it seems to be a rarity these days. With many fast-food restaurants trying to find the cheapest ingredients and low quality meats, they sacrifice the flavour element. And in many circumstances, they substitute the flavour element with a lot of salt. The salt adds flavour and it masks the bland meaty taste. Your restaurant can be different with its own deliciously flavoured mince that can be made into fresh burger patties and wonderful wors.  

The Trespade Hand Mincer features a mincing body, worm, screw ring, plate and a self-sharpening knife. The handle is made from stainless steel and the manual meat grinder is made from cast iron. When you’re done with the mincing process, this unit is easy and quick to clean. For added stability, the mincer is supported by four feet that are perforated so that you can mount it to a counter steadily with four screws. So, you will be able to grind the meat with the rotating handle while the unit is fitted tightly to the counter. This will allow you to speed up the mincing process.

Take a brave chance and make your own secret ingredient minced meats.