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Summit Juicer Machines Get a New Look
14 Jun

The seasons are changing and so is the Summit Juice Machine. These popular juicers are getting a whole new look that is sleek, elegant, and oh-so modern.

The new look Summit Juice Machine is smoother in design and the dispensers taps are beautifully curved black handles. There is now also a larger space below the dispenser to allow for taller and bigger juice cups. You can go extra large with the cup sizes if you want to. The juice bowls also had a redesign because they are sleeker and neatly squared for that aesthetically symmetrical appeal. The unsightly air grid panel is no longer at the front but has been moved to the side of the unit. So, the lower front panel has a clean and clear mirrored look to make it more attractive looking.

Furthermore, this catering equipment gives you two machine options to choose from. You could opt for the two-bowl unit or the three-bowl unit. You can offer two or three varieties of juice flavours that are on tap and ready to serve your customers. 

The bowls are illuminated with LED lighting to enhance the display of the juice contents. You can also control the temperature of each bowl and it is easy to clean the clear polycarbonate bowls. To avoid foaming and sedimentation the paddle rotates continuously.

As the seasons change and the world evolves it is good to know that your catering equipment evolves as well. It’s no secret that people love new things and want to try something different. When you make changes to your juice bar or your restaurant’s juice station, you can be assured that your customers, especially the regular ones, will notice. Imagine how impressed they will be when you revamp your juice station with this magnificent and illuminated Summit Juice Dispenser. Modern elegance has entered your juice bar.