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1.5lt jug (incl tamper)
Price R1,699.00

1.5 Litre square Jug with wide base with Stainless Steel Blades (6 blades in a 2-blade system), Lid and Tamper Set. Made extremely durable, it it can withstand 125KG of pressure and is sold with a tamper tool and a handy lid plug. 

15ltl narrow base jug (incl tamper)
Price R1,699.00

This new Jug is compatible with all of OmniBlend blenders, and it also fits perfectly inside the OmniShield, just like the original jug. Similar to the old 1.5L jugs, these are also fully stackable and can withstand 125KG of pressure.

2lt jug (incl tamper)
Price R1,799.00

2 Litre Pro Jug, Stainless Steel Blades, Lid and Tamper. 

This jug will fit the OmniBlend I and the OmniBlend V blenders. 
Price includes shipping anywhere in South Africa. The Vita-mix compatible OmniBlend 2 Ltr jug is suitable for both wet and dry blending in one jug. 
There is also the OmniBlend 1.5 Ltr jug - and this jug also fits both models.

Processing equipment catering equipment: blenders, billtong slicers, dough mixer, food liquidizers, juice extractors, bowl cutters, sausage filler, bandsaw, wrapping machine, bottled water dispenser

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