Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs)

Electronic Funds Transfer is our recommended method of payment and most time efficient. Simply transfer the purchase amount directly to our bank account and by utilizing this method it will reduce the waiting time for funds to clear.

Please note that inter-bank transfers reflect immediately in our account and transfers from other banking institutions may take up to 48 hours or more to clear.

Check & Cash Deposits:

We accept check and cash deposits, however due to fraud control please note that: 
- all check deposits take up to fourteen (14) business days to clear
- all cash deposits are instantaneous

Please note that merchandise will not be released and/or delivered until the check has cleared and the funds are reflecting in our bank ccount.

Credit Cards:

We currently do not accept Credit Card payments.

Our Banking Details:

Banking Institution: Nedbank
Account Name: CaterWeb 
Checking Account #: 1973070855
Branch Code: 197305
Branch: Benmore Gardens

All orders will only be processed for collection or delivery once the full purchase amount reflects in CaterWeb's bank account.

NB. All deliveries or collections for payments made by cheque will only be processed after cheque has cleared.

Please ensure that after making a payment with any of the accepted forms of payment listed above e-mail the confirmation of payment to accounts@caterweb.co.za at your earliest convenience.

Please note that the confirmation of payment e-mail must be identified by supplying the Purchaser Name and Purchase Order Number for our record keeping and to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.

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