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Make Wonderful Pancakes With a Pancake Machine
18 Jun

 Pancakes are one of those treats that can be enjoyed both sweet and savoury. There's so much that you can do and so many ways that you can make a pancake. Whether you're a professional chef, a sous chef or a caterer you can make your own wonderful pancakes with the help of the Anvil Pancake Machine.

This innovate catering equipment can be used to make pancakes, crepes or even omelettes because it has a round cast iron surface. You can make perfectly round pancakes on the flat surface. The cooking surface is quite sizeable at 400 millimetres so the large surface gives you enough space to make small to large pancakes. Imagine making large 30 centimetre pancakes. Your customers will be shocked to see such a big pancake.

The whole unit is reasonable in size at 450 x 485 x 240 millimetres so it fits easily on a kitchen countertop. It is portable so you can move it to a spot in the kitchen that is convenient for you or you could travel with it for catering purposes. The Anvil Pancake Machine is an all in one unit. This catering equipment has its own power unit plus it has a warmer drawer. This unit offers 230 volts and 3 kilowatts of power so you don't need to take up space on the stove. The nifty warming drawer is fitted in the unit so that while you're baking each item you can place the baked product in the drawer to keep it warm before it's ready to serve. This is ideal if you're catering for a group or preparing for a table of customers.

 With pancakes you can make it sweet with a variety of different sugary fillings. The most common option is to sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar. This is the classic way to serve it and many people enjoy this version. You can fill it with bananas and chocolate syrup or strawberries and cream. You can also fill it with berries that are in season and top it with ice cream. You can satisfy anyone's sweet tooth with these delectable fillings.

The savoury fillings are just as delicious. You can fill it with a helping of tuna mayonnaise and chopped green pepper which you can enjoy either hot or cold. A filling of spicy chicken strips is also a tasty option. Another filling that will rock your boat is creamy mushroom and tomato. Just imagine all that savoury creaminess on a cold day.

With pancakes you can get your creative juices flowing so come up with your own delicious fillings. This is especially a good idea if you have a restaurant or catering business because many customers want to experience new flavours. When you have interesting treats on your menu, customers will be curious to try it and if they love it they will want more. They may even tell their friends about it and the whole group could come to your restaurant to taste your remarkable pancake creations. And it all starts with an idea and catering equipment that is designed for the purpose.

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