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Gas Safety When Installing an Anvil Gas Stove
07 Jan

Gas catering equipment can be convenient in times of electricity outages so it can be a worthwhile investment. You can still continue cooking without any delays. Anvil gas appliances are capable of operating on either LPG or natural gas but in both cases you must have this catering equipment installed correctly in order to use this appliance safely. Here are a few gas safety guidelines.

  • Do not use the appliance if it is damaged or leaking. Especially do not use the unit if it does not work properly because the product could get further damaged or end up being dangerous.
  • Make sure that the gas cylinder is connected. It should be changed in a well ventilated area, like outside and away from the source of the ignition or open flames. Ensure that it is done away from other people.
  • The gas cylinders should be kept away from heat and flames so don't place the stove, if it is a table top version, on any other hot surface.
  • The gas stove should be on a stable surface to ensure that the unit does not rock or move during use.
  • Do not cover or change the primary air supply openings in the burner. If you cover the openings it will affect the performance of the stove and it could lead to unstable flames.
  • If you smell gas then there may be a leak. Switch off the gas supply immediately at the control valve on the cylinder and then on the stove. Turn the knobs clockwise completely.
  • If you want to check if there are any leaks then do this outside and don't try to find leaks with the use of a flame. Rather smear the joint with soapy water and if bubbles form then there is a gas leak. Switch off the gas supply first by closing the control valve on the cylinder then on the catering equipment. Then check that all the connections are properly fitted and recheck with soapy water to be sure.
  • Don't try to modify the catering equipment or use it for any other purpose except for what it has been designed for.
  • Catering equipment that uses gas consumes oxygen so it needs ventilation for optimum performance and for safety purposes.
  • Each gas product should have a gas rated shutoff valve that is mounted close to the unit. It is very important that the unit has sufficient ventilation at all times, especially when in use.
  • If there are any adjustable feet then it must always be fitted if it is part of the catering equipment.

When it comes to the installation of a gas stove it is very important that the connection to the appliance is done correctly by a qualified gas installation technician. Problems occur when it is not installed correctly or shortcuts are taken. A qualified technician will know where the best position would be to place the cylinder, the amount of ventilation required and how to put safety measures in place so that you can use your gas stove every day.  

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