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Robot Coupe Food Processors for Easy Food Preparation
07 Jan

The Robot Coupe Food Processors are ideal for the caterer or chef who has to prepare meals quickly for many guests. It has a number of functions that are particular suited for food preparation in a hurry, and it does not compromise on the output quality. The results are professional and give your food that chef's touch. Here are the food preparation functions that the Robot Coupe Food Processors have to offer.

Cutter Function:

This function enables the chef to quickly cut or chop foods into either a coarse or smooth consistency as you prefer.

  • The smooth standard cutter blade is able to offer coarse mincing and fine mincing ability. It also mixes sauces and emulsions to a smooth consistency by blending the ingredients evenly throughout.
  • The coarse serrated blade has a special grinding function for pastry so you can use it for kneading pastry dough and grinding ingredients as part of your pastry baking preparation. You'll have fine kneaded pastry to create outstanding pies and tarts.
  • The fine serrated blade is suitable for chopping herbs like basil, coriander, parsley and more. It can also be used to grind spices quickly and effortlessly. The Robot Coupe Food Processors are tough enough to handle many spices. You won't need that pestle and mortar anymore.

Vegetable Preparation Function:

This function gives you the freedom of creativity while using minimal time to achieve great artistic looking dishes.

  • The slicing blade has a sharp edge that allows you to slice onions and tomatoes into thin even slices which is ideal for burger meals.
  • The julienne blade slices vegetables like carrots into lovely thin strips that are ready to cook. It is an interesting way to serve vegetables.
  • The ripple cut blade is a fun way to slice vegetables. You can cut potatoes to have a ripple appearance that is interesting and different from the standard straight slice. You can do the same with lemons for drinks and cucumber for salads.
  • The dicing blade allows you to quickly cut cubes of fruit or vegetables. This will save you so much time when preparing fruit salads where you can dice different fruits in quick succession.
  • The grating blade effortlessly grates vegetables like carrots and cucumbers. So you can prepare a carrot salad in a few minutes.
  • The French fries blade takes the effort out of slicing potatoes into French fry strips. Plus you will get consistently shaped strips that could be your signature style. This tedious task is done within minutes with a food processor.

The Robot Coupe Food Processors come in different sizes according to your needs so you could opt for the 2.9 litre, 3.7 litre or the 5.5 litre version. This catering equipment is one that every chef and caterer can benefit from because it shortens the food preparation time and allows you to be more creative with your food presentation. You can create dishes of your choice that look elegant and interesting by adding your professional touch to it with the use of a Robot Coupe Food Processor.  

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