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Grind Coffee Like a Pro with the Mazzer Grinder Doser
19 Feb

That first cup of coffee in the morning with the wonderful aroma that fills the air is enough to get you going for the day. It is how a lot of people start their day and why many coffee shops exist. For a coffee lover finding a place that makes a fantastic brew is like finding a needle in a haystack. The Mazzer Grinder Doser can be added to your coffee station in order to measure the amount of coffee beans to be ground.

When you grind your own coffee beans you know what you're getting because you have full control over the quality and the quantity that is produced. Once you've sourced the ideal beans that you want your cafe to be associated with then you can build your reputation on this.

So what makes the Mazzer Grinder Doser worth your while? This catering equipment has a stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment which makes it easy to use. It also has a timer switch that allows you to set the amount time if you have a specific amount of beans to grind to ensure consistency in the process. To get the dosage right each time you are able to adjust the dosage by means of the dose adjustment mechanism which can be set from 5.5 grams to 8 grams. This will give you the accuracy in measurement when you want to place the ground coffee into an espresso machine. To use this catering equipment you would close the locking slide and fill the hopper with the coffee beans. Next you would have to open the locking slide so that the beans are allowed to drop into the grinding system. This unit will also switch off automatically once the grinding cycle is completed so if you are busy with other tasks in the cafe, you are assured that the grinder has done its job flawlessly. If you have a fairly busy establishment then you could ground the beans in the morning according to the adjusted measurement. Each ground dosage can be stored into little bags or containers that hold only that amount so that it can be added to the espresso machine when needed.

It is important to take care of this catering equipment to ensure the longevity thereof. To assure the lasting efficiency of this unit it is recommended that you call in a skilled technician to perform periodical maintenance which should include detailed checks of the state of those components that are subject to wear. You should also check the state of the grinding blades on a regular basis because if you keep them in good condition you will be assured of high quality grinding every time. This will, in turn, limit overheating of the unit and can result in increased productivity.

By serving your customers with the best coffee you can show them that you mean business. Grinding your own coffee beans gives you more control over what goes into a cup of coffee and that will allow you to make pure and delicious coffee consistently. 

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