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Catering Equipment That Improves Kitchen Productivity
19 Feb

We live in an age where fast is key and this is also true in the restaurant industry. Customers want their meals ready quickly so you have to be able to cope with the demand by improving your kitchen's productivity. Efficient catering equipment can assist you with improving your kitchen's productivity.

  • Chipper. A chipper is a useful item that allows you to insert a whole potato and it will slice it into even chip strips within one swift move. No more manually cutting the potato into chip strips with a knife.
  • Potato peeler. Or rather a potato peeler machine. It can take hours to peel a bucket of potatoes so a particular kitchen staff member would be busy all morning or all day, possibly. The potato peeler machine is able to peel 12 kilograms of potatoes in 2 minutes thus saving a lot of time thus allowing you to place that kitchen staff member on more important cooking tasks.
  • Food blender. This catering equipment quickly blends vegetables or fruits into sauces, soups, purees and smooth consistencies. This is a great time saver.
  • Mixing machine. This commercial kitchen equipment is usually used for mixing batters and cake mixes. It takes away the manual mixing or stirring process in the baking process thus saving a lot of time. Plus it can usually mix on its own because it is mounted over the mixing bowl which means you can prepare the next step of the baking process.
  • Vegetable cutter. With this catering equipment you can quickly cut vegetables that would have taken a lot of time to do manually. Vegetables can be cut, sliced, chipped, cubed, julienned or grated really fast.
  • Vegetable Preparation Machine. This is a sizeable commercial kitchen equipment that is able to prepare a bulk load of vegetables automatically so that you can have grated or cut vegetables ready for cooking.
  • Dough roller. If you don't have the time to roll out dough for pizzas, pies or other pastries then the dough roller would be a commercial kitchen equipment that would improve your efficiency by rolling the dough automatically for you.
  • Wrapping machine. A unit that is usually underestimated but it dispenses the shrink wrap easily so that you can wrap meat, vegetables or other foods really quickly and neatly.
  • Speed boil. The speed boil gives you on tap boiling water in almost an instant.
  • Ice crusher. Crush ice fast and have it readily available for that next drink.

When you know where you can improve the efficiency in your kitchen then you will have a better idea which types of catering equipment you will need as well as the capacity thereof. For larger or more busy restaurants consider the larger capacity units for your establishment. But if your restaurant is smaller then you could get away with a smaller capacity unit plus you may want to consider space and size when you acquire any of these catering equipment units. Analyse the productivity of your commercial kitchen to estimate what you would require to improve its efficiency. 

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