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The Kitchenaid Mixer is Designed For The Commercial Kitchen
26 Feb

The Kitchenaid Mixer has grown its reputation to be one of durability and quality. It is well known in the food and catering industry because it is a professional mixer that has been designed primarily for commercial use. Consequently, there are a number of qualities that sets it apart from the average domestic mixers.

This catering equipment is manufactured with an all metal construction and the machine has a chip and stain resistant finish. This is great for the commercial kitchen where scrapes and scratches to the machines can happen so easily when all the kitchen staff are rushing and busy. The full metal body construction ensures sturdiness and durability. It is manufactured with high precision gears and metal control knobs that are stable, quiet and durable. Plus it also has all stainless steel accessories that are robust, durable and dishwasher safe. The fact that it is driven by gears and not a belt ensures that the mixer maintains a constant speed even when large quantities of ingredients are added to the bowl. The unit's motor is highly efficient at 1.3 Hp and the motor has a direct drive which is both quiet and powerful. In addition, the original planetary action offers fast and thorough mixing, while the single attachment hub allows for easy usage with a wide range of optional accessories.

This catering equipment uses a lift system. In other words, the mixer's head does not tilt so this promotes the stability of the mixer while it is in use. On that note, the smooth rounded bowl-lift has a professional design that is ideal for heavy loads and it is easy to clean. Every chef or baker has a variety of recipes that they prepare for their customers so it is good to know that the Kitchenaid Mixer comes with the stainless steel bowl, a mixing bowl, whisk, dough hook and beater attachment. These accessories allow you to make different food items with the assistance of only one piece of catering equipment. It offers you flexibility with your food creations while being compact. Having one unit to be able to mix, whisk and beat mixtures makes life for the chef or baker much easier and convenient.

Safety is also a very important part of the design of this unit. So for safety purposes, this catering equipment has been built with a wire guard and stop switch that makes safety a highlight especially in the commercial kitchen.

Aesthetically the Kitchenaid Mixer is very attractive with its retro modern design. It is moulded with beautiful curves that flow and are pleasing to the eye. Plus you can choose a classic white unit or the bold empire red unit. Either way, this professional mixer not only looks sophisticated but it performs better than the usual domestic mixers. So if you're working in the professional kitchen environment you may want to consider investing in a professional mixer that will endure through the busy periods of your service.

The Kitchenaid Mixer has really good features for the commercial kitchen. It is reliable, quiet and durable. It offers high performance for the professional kitchen that requires optimal functionality during the busiest periods of its day. 

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