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Getting The Anvil Fish Fryer Ready For Easter
18 Mar

The year has passed by so quickly. New year's day and Valentine's day have both come and gone in such quick succession. And now Easter is around the corner. Can you believe it? For so many people Easter is a celebration that involves many food items like chocolates in terms of Easter eggs and fish for the meals.

If you're in the restaurant business then you will need to get ready for the Easter weekend. People will want to enjoy the long weekend by going to eat out and if there is seafood on the menu that will be a bonus. Traditionally many people would prepare pickled fish, however the younger generation are open to the idea of other flavours as long as fish is the main focus of the meal. So are you ready?

To be efficient it is essential to have the right catering equipment at hand so that you can speed up your productivity. The Anvil Fish Fryer is a very convenient commercial kitchen equipment to have ready for the busy Easter period.

Fish is certainly a meal that is in high demand during the Easter period. Make sure that you have stock of enough fish to cater for the demand. The Anvil Fish Fryer will allow you to quickly and conveniently fry seafood. This catering equipment comes with a stainless steel basket in which you can place the fish as it is dunked into the cooking oil. Once the fish is fried the basket can be removed, you can, then, drain the cooking oil from the fried fish. The Anvil Fish Fryer has been specially designed with a tilt up head for easy removal of the cooking oil. We all know how busy it can get in the commercial kitchen so it can be easy to forget that you have the food in the fryer. Therefore it has been manufactured with a thermostatically control that enables the automatic cut out to activate at 206 degree Celsius to prevent oil flashing.

There is also a double pan option that is convenient for processing multiple batches at the same time. This is ideal for that busy weekend period. You don't only have to fry fish in the Anvil Fish Fryer. It can also be used for French fries or onion rings that you could serve with the meal. This can conveniently prepared when you use the double pan version because you can simultaneously fry the fish in the one pan and the French fries in the other pan. Thus, you can prepare a whole meal at the same time.

If you can show your customers that you will be ready with a great fish meal for Easter and that you can handle the demand of this busy period then you may find that you have more people visiting your restaurant. Make sure that you promote your seafood menu so that you can maximise on the exposure and get as many interested customers through your restaurant's doors. Have a good and happy family filled Easter! 

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