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Pujadas Sauce Pans For Haute Cuisine
18 Mar

In every kitchen, especially in the commercial kitchen environment, catering equipment such as pots and pans are an integral part of the catering experience. An array of food is cooked in pots and pans. The Pujadas sauce pans are specially designed cookware that achieves the best performance in professional cooking and consistently so for haute cuisine. These are the features that indicate how it is able to achieve professional cooking for you as a chef.

The Pujadas sauce pan's body is made of 18/10 stainless steel which makes it a strong and durable type of catering equipment. Stainless steel is also known for its hygiene qualities. The handle is also made of stainless steel yet it is heat resistant so it makes it easy to handle, so to speak. The inner and outer sides of all the models is manufactured with uniform satin polishing so it has purpose and function while appealing to the quality and aesthetic side of this catering equipment. Each unit features handcrafted welding while each pan is checked thoroughly by a quality control process.

The Pujadas sauce pan can be used to cook numerous types of foods and sauces. When cooking in this pan you can also prevent food from sticking to the stainless steel material it's made of. To do so, place your pan on the stove over medium high heat then add a tablespoon of coconut oil into the pan and allow it to melt. Next you should swirl the coconut oil around the surface of the pan and pour out any of the excess oil that remains. Thereafter you can sprinkle a layer of table salt into the pan so that it is enough to cover the bottom of it.

If you enjoy cooking, you will probably use a lot of dishes so cleaning is of utmost importance. Therefore, it is good to take note of the cleaning methods that will ensure your catering equipment looks good and lasts longer. So it's good to know how to best clean this type of catering equipment. A good way to clean stainless steel cookware is to start by soaking it in warm, soapy water for a few hours. You will then use a sponge to scrub off any thick sticky pieces of food that may have adhered to the pan. If the bottom of the pan has burn marks, you might want to sprinkle some baking soda over those burn marks and then proceed to rub it in with a sponge. Do this step very carefully and gently, yet firmly enough while concentrating on not scratching the pan itself.

The Pujadas sauce pan is a wonderful companion for the commercial chef who takes great pride in their cooking methods and meals. Every chef desires to have the best catering equipment at hand. This catering equipment is durable and made with high quality materials to give you the professional cooking experience you would expect for your restaurant's kitchen. You can prepare haute cuisine for your customers and thrill them with wonderful flavours. 

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