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Catering Equipment Trays For Bars And Pubs
18 Mar

In the drinks and party industry customers can become a bit free in the sense of that they let their guard down and simply enjoy the vibes of the party or the gathering. While that's good for your bar or pub in terms of the great atmosphere it creates, it can have negative consequences on your catering equipment.

Many breakages tend to happen in bars and pubs like glasses, plates, mugs and even trays. Customers don't mean to break it but they have such a good time laughing and dancing that the crockery ends up falling out of their hands. Many times the customer bumps into the waiter or server and knocks the tray out of their hands. The tray and the contents are broken. The sad part is that you can't really charge the customer for the breakage so that is a contingency cost that you would have to build into your business expenses. However, if you don't want to carry this hanging cost every month there is another solution especially when it comes to the trays.

Tuff trays are resilient and made for heavy duty use so it is ideal for bars and pubs. In addition, these trays will not warp either. Plus they are chip resistant and unbreakable. Yes, it is unbreakable. So if it is knocked out of someone's hands or slips off a table the tray will still be whole and undamaged. For those who are concerned about the cleaning factor, Tuff trays are dishwasher safe so the cleaning of it is a breeze. It is also good to know that the material it is made of is able to defy food acids and staining on this catering equipment. Furthermore, these Tuff trays come in a variety of different colours namely white, blue, black, green and red so there's a colour option to suit the colour scheme of your establishment. You don't have to worry about the colour fading either because the colours will never fade. These are all bold statements made by Tuff trays but that is what the bar and pub manager needs. 

So it does reassure the bar and pub managers in knowing that these trays don't have to be replaced every month because of accidental breakages. This means that less admin is required in the area because you don't have to spend time on placing orders for replacement trays and waiting for it to arrive. You are ready to go every day and every evening and you can spend your time as well as effort in other areas of the establishment's management.

Tuff trays are the ideal catering equipment for the party based establishments where people tend to move around in the place a lot. It's the walking, moving and dancing customers that can be so unpredictable at times which then leads to losses in terms of catering equipment breakages. At least it's good to know that you can minimise these breakages and loss of equipment with products that are tough, durable, and very resilient. 

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