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Cleaning Equipment For The Food Industry
20 Apr

We are living in a time that is unprecedented and unusual and it has heightened our need for hygiene more than ever. Everything that people touch must be cleaned and sanitised so that all surfaces are germ free. This is especially the reality for the food industry. Everything must be clean so that no germs are transferred to any customers. It is, therefore, necessary for supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes to have cleaning equipment at hand to ensure that hygiene standards can be adhered to.

The focus is now more on hygiene and the health of customers, which has always been important. So there are various types of cleaning equipment that is available to the food industry to keep their establishments clean.

A dishwasher is a good way to get all the dishes clean if you manage a restaurant or cafe. With this catering equipment you can pack all the dishes into the machine and allow it to wash the dishes on a full cycle. It is quite effective in cleaning everything thoroughly; sometimes even better than a person could. The larger dishwashers are ideal for the commercial kitchen.

The most obvious cleaning equipment is often underestimated. These would be your buckets, mops, and cleaning brushes. If you have mops in your kitchen that are fairly old, it would be a good idea to get new ones that are uncontaminated. Then to every bucket of water that you will use to clean the floors, add a cleaning agent that has disinfectant as an ingredient. Or add in disinfectant as well. This action will clean the floors and disinfect them. You can do the same with surfaces. Add disinfectant liquid to the cleaning solution and wipe all surfaces clean. You can also spray the surfaces before wiping it clean, so you could make your own disinfectant cleaning solution and pour it into a trigger bottle. This is quite a handy bottle to have at hand. Maybe get a few trigger bottles filled with a disinfectant cleaning solution and place it an integral points in your commercial kitchen or in the supermarket. This way your staff can immediately spray any areas they suspect may have germs or if they feel that it needs to be cleaned at any given time. Attention to the detail is truly necessary these days so even the smallest cleaning equipment can play a big role in our current climate. 

In general it is a good idea for your staff to wash and sanitise their hands often and to keep their nose and mouth covered with a disposable paper face mask. Disposable gloves are also good to have around. But remember that these must be disposed of at the end of the day by removing it from the hands by rolling it off the hand so that the outside is inside and the contaminants are trapped on the inside. Then you dispose of it immediately. This can protect them and others from any germs spreading around.

Keep safe with good hygiene routines in your kitchen.

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