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How To Keep Your Restaurant Customers Happy When Hygiene Is A Priority
20 Apr

Good hygiene is essential these days. You could even say that excellent hygiene is top priority to everyone. When customers visit a restaurant they want to know that excellent hygiene habits form part of the staff's daily routine. So how are you going to ensure that good hygiene is practised in your restaurant? 

Firstly, you will have to train your staff on the good hygiene habits that the restaurant will adopt immediately. They must be informed of all the changes that you are implementing and they must know what cleaning equipment, detergents, disinfectants and disposable wear is available to them. When your staff are well informed, mistakes are minimised and errors are curbed.

Cleaning equipment will form part of the daily routine so you must make sure that there are enough detergents and disinfectant solutions at hand for the staff to use throughout the day. You can inform your customers of this cleaning practice so that they know that all surfaces in the restaurant are not only clean but they are disinfected as well. Get rid of all the old cleaning equipment like old mops that may have been contaminated with germs; any brushes or cloths should be replaced too. Get new mops, brushes and cloths before you embark on a comprehensive cleaning of your restaurant.

Clean and disinfect the catering equipment that you have in your restaurant. All the products will need a good clean. Yes, this will take time but it is something that must be done if you want to ensure that there are no traces of any germs in your restaurant. All nooks and crevices must be wiped and disinfected. Your commercial kitchen must be totally hygienic when you're done with it. All of it must be cleaned and disinfected. This will give you peace of mind that the whole kitchen is clean. To keep it this way you should make sure that your staff wear their paper face masks everyday so that no one sneezes or coughs onto any catering equipment, surface or on another person. If they have a constant sneeze or cough, then you should find out whether they are sick and send them home right away. You cannot risk the spread of any germs in your restaurant so you must be cautious at all times. The protection of your staff and customers is the main priority and this cannot be compromised. If any staff member does not stick to the hygiene regime, you must speak to them immediately and address the situation. 

In order to keep your customers happy you must ensure good hygiene practices are put in place and adhered to by your staff members. Everyone loves a good clean restaurant and they will return to it if they see that this practice is consistent. Although there's so much going on out there, people still want to enjoy a good meal at restaurant so give them the reassurance that you care about their health.

Be safe and keep your restaurant hygienically clean and keep it going. 

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