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Covid19 Screening of Your Staff And Customers
24 Jun

Whether you're in the medical industry, food industry or even a retail business you have a responsibility to protect your staff during the Covid19 pandemic. If you're an essential service that must carry on with business during this time it is necessary that if you notice any of your staff members have any symptoms of this coronavirus, that they be checked and seek medical attention immediately.

One of the ways or rather one of the symptoms that is displayed is that of a high fever. If a person has a high fever they may have the coronavirus. This is just a precaution because, of course, a high fever may also be symptomatic of the everyday flu. But these days you have to enter with precaution and rather be safe. So if you notice a high fever, the personal will have to seek medical attention right away.

When your staff members arrive at work in the morning they can be screened with a Digital Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. As we all know by now the coronavirus is transferred by means of contact so a non-contact thermometer is ideal. It allows you to test for a high fever from a distance of 1 to 3 centimetres so you don't have to touch the person who is being tested which will minimise the risk.

You can do the same for customers that enter your premises. This is a good precautionary measure to put in place because if a customer who may have the coronavirus and doesn't know it enters your premises you can pick that up right away. That customer who may be suspected of having the coronavirus can be sent for further testing and medical attention immediately. That will mean you are able to stop the spread of the coronavirus on your premises and protect your customers as well as staff members. You want to reduce the risk of exposure in your building thus ensuring the safety of everyone who is inside your building on that day.

Of course, in addition to the screening process at the entrance of your business, you also want to take further measures of disinfecting the products and other items in the building. In many businesses, there are desks, products, commercial kitchen equipment and other items that are used by staff members so these items should be cleaned daily as well as disinfected. This cleanliness regime is one that can kill the virus on many surfaces and prevent the spread of it any further.

It is imperative that you put a clear set of Covid19 safety measures in place such as the screening of staff members and customers to prevent the further spread of the virus as well as a set of hygiene practices. Ensure that these safety measures are adhered to everyday because we are in the middle of this pandemic and we have to face the reality of it. Stay safe and take care.

Good luck and we wish you all the best with your business during this tough pandemic.

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