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Display Food Safely with the Salvadore Heated Display Merchandiser
29 Jun

The Salvadore Heated Display Merchandiser is a great way to showcase the food that has been prepared and is ready for your customers. This commercial kitchen equipment has been designed with both food safety and optimal display in mind.

Here are the key features of how the Salvadore Heated Display Merchandiser displays the food safely and attractively.

  • This is a countertop unit that has a curved screen glass for an upmarket appearance. It looks attractive as a display unit on your front of shop countertop.
  • This commercial kitchen equipment has been manufactured with a minimal frame open design to allow for a clearer and less obscured display. Customers will not be distracted by any unsightly bars or frames around the unit allowing them to purely focus on the food inside.
  • The top glass is removable which makes it so much easier for cleaning. You can separate it from the whole unit and wash it thoroughly before replacing it again.
  • The cables are neatly hidden away because the entry area for the cables is from underneath this catering equipment.
  • The sliding doors seal the unit well and are designed to be high quality, smooth running, and removable. The smooth motion adds to the upmarket appeal and the removable function allows you to clean the doors thoroughly on both sides.
  • The inside of the Salvadore Heated Display Merchandiser is lit with low maintenance halogen light fittings and it is supplied with high power German fan blowers to give a professional food display experience to the customer.
  • The size of this commercial kitchen equipment allows you use international standard size pans or inserts up to a 100mm depth. So it's convenient if you already have these pans in your restaurant. You can also order these pans separately if you don't have them.
  • If you have a lot of small food items that you want to display in this unit then you will be pleased to know that it comes with a removable chrome wire rack too.
  • Inside this catering equipment is a dry heat element with fan assisted air flow that provides even heat distribution. This ensures that all the food items inside the unit remain heated all the time.
  • To control the temperature on the inside of the Salvadore Heated Display Merchandiser it has been manufactured with a thermostatic heat control. You can set the temperature as you wish.
  • It also comes with a humidity tray. This enables the unit to maintain the moisture on the inside so that the food does not dry out while the heat is on. Warm moist food can be quite appealing to the deciding customer.

The Salvadore Heated Display Merchandiser ensures that the food on the inside remains wonderfully warm, beautifully illuminated, and safe behind the curved top glass. Your customers can clearly see the delicious foods without being able to touch it, thus the food remains hygienic and safe on the inside. This countertop catering equipment is a great way to display foods in an attractive and upmarket way.

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