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Entice Customers with Delicious Treats on Display
24 Jul

People eat with their eyes; that's how the saying goes. If you have wonderfully deliciously looking snacks and treats in the view of the customer, it will certainly draw their attention. An ambient display cabinet is a great way to showcase the treats that you have available in your restaurant or cafe.

A chocolate cake dripping with chocolate icing or a perfectly sliced cheesecake decorated with a strawberry and caramel sauce is hard to miss. Just looking at these desserts will make your mouth water when you walk past it and there are few people who can resist such a sweet treat. This is where the ambient display cabinets benefit your restaurant or cafe. Salvadore has these attractive display cabinets that are neat, classy, and provide a hygienic ambient display. You can use it to showcase the muffins, biscuits, and cakes that you've baked for the day. This catering equipment is ideal for those treats that don't require any heating or refrigeration but you want to safely display it behind glass. If it's behind glass then your customer will feel secure to know that no one has touched it.

These Salvadore ambient display cabinets feature tempered glass for the display, a glass protector profile, rear sliding doors for easy access, and it is easy to assemble. The temperature inside the display cabinet remains at a neutral temperature; which is suitable for bakery items like sandwiches, cakes and snacks.

There are two options available and the one you choose will depend on how much of a variety you have available to display. The one unit is basically a single level display cabinet which does not have a middle shelf and measures 920 x 330 x 215 millimetres in size. This one is suitable for smaller cafe's that want to display a selection of muffins, cupcakes, and donuts, amongst others. The second unit comes with a middle shelf so you have two levels on which to place the cakes, croissants and more. This unit measures a little bigger at 920 x 330 x 315 millimetres in size. It is ideal for bakeries and restaurants that have more items to display. It's also more enticing if you have more of a variety because then you are able to give your customers more desserts and snacks to choose from. The more options the better because they will want to take at least one snack because they will simply desire it so much.

This catering equipment can be placed on the cafe's front of shop countertop where customers can easily see the baked goods that are available. Because of its convenient size it is also suitable for buffet stations. You could have a number of them next to each other and allow the customer to view the full variety of treats while having one staff member have access to the cabinet. In that manner you limit the access to the snacks and treats by only having one person on the line. After all, it is essential to remain safe these days. You want to assure your customers that you are doing everything you can to ensure their safety and hygiene while they are on your premises. The safety of your staff is also a priority. Although we all have to practice hygiene and social distancing, you still want to enjoy the sweet side of life and having that piece of cake or that muffin because you want to satisfy a craving will add a smile to your face.

The Salvadore ambient display cabinets are a wonderful way to add a bit of joy to your restaurant and cafe while practicing hygiene. Enjoy the sweeter side of life while staying safe.

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