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The Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer is Compact, Durable, and Versatile
15 Sep

Baked treats and desserts make the world a wonderful place and it’s made even more wonderful with the help of the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer. This commercial kitchen equipment is a baker’s dream because of its compact, durable, and versatile.

This unit is built for versatility that offers labour-saving power not just for small bakeries and pastry shops but also for all kinds of foodservice kitchens. Chefs that bake and cook in independent restaurants, healthcare kitchens, and catering establishments, amongst others, will also benefit from this versatile catering equipment. It gives the chef or baker the ability to produce countless small-batch recipes.

The Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer can be used to make pretty much anything such as whipped cream, meringues, frosting, pancake batter, cookie dough and even mashed potatoes. As a baker you can mix all of these mixtures much more efficiently than you could have than mixing it by hand. For consistency in results, the variable 7 speed dial gives you the control you need and the heavy duty stainless steel attachments are designed to whip, mix, knead and beat your selection of ingredients. 

These are the features that make the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer so compact, durable and versatile.

  • Tilt-back head. This feature allows you to gently lift the head up with ease in order to reach and access the contents that have been mixed in the bowl. By lifting the head you can scoop ingredients in or out as you desire.


  • All-metal gears. The gears are constructed completely of metal to ensure the durability thereof so that it lasts for a long period of time.


  • 8 litre stainless steel bowl. It comes with an ideally sized mixing bowl that is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 8 litres. This makes mixing of the ingredients easier and convenient because it is able to handle more contents.


  • Die-cast aluminium body. The body of this catering equipment has been manufactured with die-cast aluminium which makes it superbly lightweight yet sturdy. Therefore it is compact and light enough to move around when required. This also makes cleaning and storage a less laborious task.


  • Variable 7 speed dial and pulse. For various mixtures and ingredients it is good to know that there are 7 speed functions plus a pulse function that allows you mix at a slower pace to a high speed. The gradual speed dials allows you the versatility to mix a variety of different ingredient batches.


  • BPA-free plastic bowl guard. The bowl guard that is made from BPA-free plastic prevents the splashing of the mixture outside of the bowl. Thus you don’t have to worry about cleaning the splatters off the wall in your commercial kitchen. Saving time on cleaning is definitely a bonus.


  • NSF, CETLUS and CE certifications. The Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer has the relevant certifications to indicate that this is a quality catering equipment suitable for the commercial kitchen. It is a reliable commercial kitchen equipment that you can count on to ensure the ongoing productivity of your kitchen. 


  • 2 year warranty. As an added bonus the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer comes with a 2 year warranty so you are assured of its quality manufacturing and durability.


If you are a baker who is searching for a quality mixer that is compact, durable and versatile then the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer is a good option. It can help you with mixing doughs, beating eggs, whipping cream, kneading bread, and so much more. You can make your own wonderful creations with consistency. It is a baker’s best friend and one that you’ll wonder how you managed without for this long.

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