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Disposable PPE To Protect Staff and Customers
05 Oct

Whether you’re in the food industry, restaurant or hospital industry it is necessary to the care of the staff and the people they serve. For such institutions personal protective equipment such as disposable PPE is a good way to keep safe.

Disposable PPE acts like a barrier between the individual and the foods that they are handling. In this way the person handling food also does not contaminate the foods with the touch of their bare hands. There are various types of disposable PPE that is available to the food industry and other related institutions.

Here is a list of those items.

·         Disposable Masks. This type of mask is a paper face mask that can be worn over the nose and mouth in order to prevent any breathing, sneezing or coughing over any of the food that is being made or served. Usually these paper face masks come in packs of 100 because they are used and disposed of often.

·         Disposable Shoe Covers. Covering the shoes during the food service prevents germs from moving from outside the food establishment inside and vice versa. Shoe covers are especially handy in butcheries where food particles may land on the floor. When the staff member leaves the building at the end of the day, the shoe covers are disposed of and do not leave the premises so no germs go any further. These shoe covers also usually come packaged in 100.

·         Disposable Sleeves. This is a great way to protect the arms and prevent the spreading of germs on to the staff member’s arms or clothes. They are also packed in boxes of 100.

·         Disposable Chef Hat. Keeping the hair out the face and out of the food is quite necessary in the commercial kitchen. To prevent any hair from falling into the food or into any of the catering equipment, using a disposable chef hat is a responsible way to go. Plus they are also look very professional which is a great way to display your service to your customers. As a disposable chef hat is normally worn one per day, these are packed in 50’s.

·         Disposable Mop Caps. These mop caps have a similar purpose as the chef hat in that it keeps the hair neatly tucked away underneath. The hair is completely covered to prevent any chance of strands of hair landing in the food. Disposable mop caps are packed in boxes of 100 and you can select from different colours to coordinate the image of your institution.

·         Disposable Apron. This is an item that every industrial kitchen should have. The disposable apron covers the entire front body of the staff member and protects them from being exposed to germs while also preventing any of the particles from the staff member’s clothes from contaminating the food or the industrial kitchen area. For butcheries these aprons are great because any meat particles on the apron will be discarded along with the apron when it is disposed of after use. Butcheries may use more than one of these aprons per day so it makes sense that they come is packs of 100.  

Each of these personal protective disposable wear is ideal for the industrial kitchen setting and areas where serving and hygiene are synonymous. Using it in the handling of food to prevent contamination is the main purpose of these items. Their top feature is that they are disposable and this allows the staff to easily dispose of the items after use. After every application it can be thrown away to minimise any risk and to improve the hygiene of your industrial kitchen.

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