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The Art of Decentralising Office Coffee Stations
05 Oct

The new normal is a reality that we’re all facing right now. The way we worked and lived a year ago is so different to how we’re living now. Wearing masks, sanitising and social distancing is a fact of life especially at work. But when you get to work there’s simply nothing better than having a strong cup of coffee brewed to perfection. Although the new normal is changing our lives let’s still enjoy that cup of coffee while remembering to stay safe as we do so.

The European Coffee Associations has noticed that more offices are switching to decentralised coffee corners during this current pandemic. Previously employees from the entire company or the whole floor would share the corporate coffee station but the focus has shifted to rather setting up a number of small separate coffee corners or mini coffee stations. In this way, companies are helping to assist employees with the social distancing guidelines and thus reducing the risk of coronavirus infection.

Consequently, more companies are decentralising their office stations to ensure the safety of their employees. If fewer people use one coffee station the risk is reduced. Plus when you have only a few people responsible for their own coffees station this ensures that cleanliness standards are better adhered to. Each person can be responsible for cleaning up after they’ve used the coffee station. Making regular sanitising and cleaning habits a routine at the office coffee station is a good way to implement such coffee station etiquette.

With decentralisation becoming the new normal, companies will be looking for coffee machines that are worth investing in, not only for now but for the long term too. The Bravilor Novo coffee machine is a good option to satisfy the most critical coffee drinker in the office. With this catering equipment in the office you don’t need a permanent water supply so setting it up in a certain corner will be easy because you can simply fill it by hand. This makes it wonderfully suited and flexible enough for placement in temporary locations. For the busy office where time is of the essence it is good to know that the Bravilor Novo coffee machine is ready for immediate serving because the coffee that is brewed should ideally be served within thirty minutes. Serve it hot and strong to get the day off to a good start. This particular Bravilor Novo coffee machine comes with two jugs and has two self-regulating hot places that re-adjust the temperature according to the amount of coffee that is the jug. As the one jug brews the other is ready for serving thus there is a constant brew at hand.

For those companies who have coffee enthusiasts that drink multiple cups of coffee in the morning and want to ensure that the coffee remains hot and fresh for extended periods, the Bravilor Airpot Brewer is a good option. It has 2.2 litre capacity and offers an innovative and fresh brew in a state of the art filter coffee airpot. It has an output of 144 cups per hour with a brewing time of 2.2 litres in 7 minutes. Having the coffee ready for the avid coffee drinkers can cut their time waiting for the coffee so that they spend less time waiting for the coffee and more time being productive at their work desks. This catering equipment is also versatile because it, too, makes use of manual water filling.

Life may have changed but work is to be done and people love their coffee. It’s good to know that we can all enjoy that aromatic fresh brew of coffee in the morning and during the day. Or more than one cup of coffee for those who simply cannot live without it.

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