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Process a Variety of Meat With a Bandsaw
17 Nov

If you manage a butchery you will understand that the requirements for cutting and slicing meat is probably very high. Skill, technique, and equipment is necessary to be the best. When you have your method for processing the meat at a certain standard then only the best in butchery equipment will do. This is where the Butcherquip's Bandsaws do really well.

Butcherquip's Bandsaws, which are SABS approved, are designed to process a variety of meat and bones of different sizes. That makes this butchery equipment ideal for use in butcheries, supermarkets, and other commercial meat processing establishments.

To get a better understanding of how this commercial butchery equipment can assist your establishment here is a list of the features and benefits of Butcherquip's Mild Steel Bandsaw:

  • There are two options of blades, a 4 teeth per inch and a 6 teeth per inch blade. Use the 4 teeth per Inch blade for meat and the 6 teeth per Inch blade for fish. This choice gives you the flexibility to be able to cut hard meats as well as soft meats with ease.
  • The Bandsaw has a mild steel powder coated or 304 stainless steel body construction. This makes it a hardwearing and durable piece of butchery equipment that you can rely on.
  • This butchery equipment has 304 stainless steel food contact points on all the models so pretty much most of the bandsaw's surface is made of stainless steel. This is great from a hygiene point of view and it also makes the cleaning of the surfaces much easier.
  • For the necessary stability of the Bandsaw, you will find that it is mounted on a heavy fabricated base with four levelling feet. So you can use the levelling feet to adjust the height according to the surface it is placed on.
  • To ensure the smooth functionality of use, the cast iron saw wheels run on heavy duty bearings with scrapers on both wheels. In this way you can slide the meat back and forth smoothly for ease of slicing it quickly.
  • The blade is supported by metal guides and thrust bearings above and below the cut.
  • The tension scraper assemblies are designed to keep the blade and the wheels free of debris and to support the blade while cutting. This ensures the tidy and neat method of slicing meat.
  • In addition, these assemblies are easily removable for easy cleaning.
  • The table "easy slide system" ensures a smooth and precise moving table which reduces effort and increases productivity. This is great way to save time in your butchery.
  • The sliding table includes thumb guard for your convenience and safety.
  • The spring loaded blade tensioning system ensures a clean cut and lasting blade life which is great if you intend to use the Butcherquip Mild Steel Bandsaw for quite a long period of time.
  • In terms of safety, there are micro switches fitted to both upper and lower doors.
  • These Bandsaws are manufactured with a magnetic brake motor system that shuts down motor in approximately 2 seconds. In addition, it activates when the power is turned off.
  • The selector switch setup mode allows for the safe blade adjustment. If you need to adjust the blade you can do so knowing that it is in the safe setup mode.

Efficiency and high productivity is the key to any well-established business. This is what your customers will appreciate and will have them coming back. We all know that customers want to get things done as quickly as possible at the highest quality. Butcherquip's Mild Steel Bandsaws are the type of butchery equipment that can assist your butchery in efficiently managing your stores while also increasing the productivity of your staff.

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